NVIDIA Riva is a fully customizable and accelerated speech AI SDK for building and deploying AI pipelines that deliver world-class, real-time accuracy on-premises, in all clouds, at the edge, and on embedded devices.

NVIDIA Riva provides deep-learning-based automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) skills for AI practitioners and developers. ASR and TTS are voice interfaces in speech-AI -based applications, such as call center agent assists, digital assistants, and video call transcriptions.

ASR converts speech to text and usually is the first step in a speech pipeline, so its transcription accuracy influences all downstream tasks. TTS generates human-like voices from text.

NVIDIA Riva is used across all industries—from telecommunications and finance to healthcare, retail, and automotive—since every company needs to interact with its customers.

Support for NVIDIA Riva is available through NVIDIA AI Enterprise software which includes NVIDIA AI Enterprise Support Services.

The benefits include:

  • World-class real-time ASR in 7 languages—English, Spanish, Russian, German, Mandarin, Hindi, and French—with full model customization to achieve the best possible accuracy to automate important processes and unlock business value not achievable without customization.
  • Expressive human-like TTS, out-of-the-box (OOTB) professional English voices—female and male.
  • Flexible deployment with consistent performance on-premises, all clouds, at the edge, and on the embedded devices.

NVIDIA Riva provides deep-learning-based ASR and TTS skills for AI practitioners and developers. With Riva, you can:

  • Use speech AI skills in conversational applications across all industries.
  • Integrate world-class OOTB ASR and TTS skills, customize models for the best possible accuracy and human-like voice expressivity, and create engaging speech experiences as part of your applications.
  • Fine-tune Riva models on your domain-specific data to offer highly accurate services to your customers.

NVIDIA Riva is available as a set of containers and pretrained models, free of charge, from the NVIDIA NGC™ catalog to members of the NVIDIA Developer Program. AI practitioners, developers, and customers can deploy Riva with support with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software. Please see the NVIDIA AI Enterprise Packaging, Pricing, and Licensing Guide for details.

Start by requesting a free trial on NVIDIA LaunchPad with any of the Riva hands-on labs—Interact with Real-Time Speech AI APIs, Add Speech to a Conversational AI Application, and Customizing ASR with NVIDIA Riva. ISVs should contact their regional NVIDIA sales representative and partners can reach out to their NVIDIA business partner manager.

VMware customers with Riva support through NVIDIA AI Enterprise should check NVIDIA Enterprise for VMware for details.

For more information on NVIDIA AI Enterprise Support, click here.

Free NVIDIA Riva Trial on LaunchPad FAQs

Yes. Physical servers and virtual machines allocated to users are on an isolated, virtual private cloud. However, we encourage using sample data sets since the infrastructure is considered a test environment.

LaunchPad resources include NVIDIA DGX supercomputers and NVIDIA-Certified mainstream servers running complete NVIDIA software stacks, from GPU and DPU SDKs, to leading AI frameworks like TensorFlow and NVIDIA Triton Inference™ Server, to application frameworks.

Yes. NVIDIA LaunchPad is available worldwide through Equinix data centers hosted in nine locations across the United States, Europe, Japan, and Singapore.

Anyone interested in testing Riva qualifies to participate in the program. With LaunchPad, you don't need to have your own infrastructure or data to access the free trials.

NVIDIA LaunchPad experiences are free of charge for qualified enterprises.

You're the owner and user of your data. Upon completing your free LaunchPad trial, used systems and data are deleted and all physical servers are reimaged.

By default, each user gets a single accelerated server. Additional resources can be allocated as required.

To apply for a free trial of Riva on LaunchPad, please choose one of RIva hands-on labs—Interact with Real-Time Speech AI APIs, Add Speech to a Conversational AI Application, and Customizing ASR with NVIDIA Riva.

Yes, please contact us.