Hardware Compatibility List

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HCL Policy

New generation of hardware platforms and hardware dependent capabilities will be introduced with a Cumulus Linux major release. New manufacturer or hardware configuration derivatives will be added to the HCL with a Cumulus Linux minor release.

Hardware revisions may change over a product's lifetime and Cumulus Networks is not guaranteed to receive product change notifications from hardware partners. Software support will continue for the part numbers listed in the HCL, but additional certification may be required for modified configurations.

Cumulus Networks may decide to remove systems from the HCL. For example, HCL removal could occur in cases of obsolescence or a partner going out of business. Software support will continue for contract customers for their installed base of systems, noting that Cumulus Networks may not be able to resolve hardware related issues.

We support all products on the HCL, which may include facilitating RMA support for hardware under warranty.

In the case where a manufacturer stops selling a switch (known as End of Sale, or EoS), Cumulus Networks will continue to support that switch, as per the policy defined here.


* These switches are deemed similar to corresponding Cumulus Linux Ready switches based on their main hardware configuration and function perspectives.
** After OS installation, please also pickup the latest updates for this platform by #apt-get update, #apt-get dist-upgrade and then reboot.