Built for AI moonshots

Deep learning at scale

NVIDIA DGX SATURNV with NVIDIA Volta is a GPU-powered AI supercomputer developed in-house at NVIDIA, demonstrating how NVIDIA® DGX-1 can change the landscape of businesses and scientific research.

The opportunity for AI-accelerated companies is exploding as the world comes to rely on increasingly sophisticated products and services to build better customer experiences, transform supply chains, and improve product quality. NVIDIA leads the AI computing industry, and SATURNV is designed to enable moonshots—empowering the world’s most brilliant minds to do their life’s work.


By the numbers

By the numbers


SATURNV is bringing new levels of performance to a wide variety of applications. Teams at NVIDIA can now focus resources on a single mission-critical problem in a hero run, as well as solve time-sensitive internal research challenges.


The NVIDIA GeForce® team is getting to know their customers better, so they can deliver optimised, higher-quality gaming experiences.


AI is also shaping the development of new recruiting tools at NVIDIA to help more accurately predict which candidates to pursue using a neural network trained with SATURNV.


The NVIDIA Automotive team has accelerated product development by simulating 300,000 miles of driving in just five hours—the equivalent of driving every paved road in the United States in two days.

The greenest path to exascale

The greenest path to exascale

NVIDIA is empowering enterprises to build GPU-accelerated data centers of the future, breaking the barriers of Moore’s law scaling while offering more compute in less space than ever before. SATURNV does this by raising the bar for energy efficiency (making the Green500 with 15 GFLOPS per watt of FP64 efficiency) with a total expected computational capacity footprint of 660 petaFLOPS of AI horsepower.

Building your own SATURNV

Groundbreaking innovations found in SATURNV—including advanced scheduling and cluster management technology—are benefitting NVIDIA’s own teams and their mission-critical workloads today. However, this has the added benefit of enabling new capabilities for NVIDIA DGX™ Systems in the future.

NVIDIA DGX Systems let you build your own SATURNV. Whether your environment calls for five nodes or 125, NVIDIA DGX-1 can deliver the kind of AI-acceleration and power achieved with SATURNV. It’s an integrated platform that features the world’s most powerful NVIDIA Volta GPUs and the most advanced deep learning software stack integrated with the NVIDIA GPU Cloud. This gives you a cost-effective way to build AI-at-scale for your enterprise and attract the top AI talent, who demand the most powerful tools to do their most important work.

NVIDIA DGX-1 is the building block of SATURNV.

Building your own SATURNV