AI-Powered Medical Imaging

Improving Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research With AI-Enhanced Medical Imaging

AI is rapidly emerging as a transformative technology in healthcare. In particular, with medical imaging, researchers are using computer vision to perform accurate early detection, medical classification, and advanced, automated 3D segmentation. These models are helping clinicians and researchers streamline imaging workflows to uncover hidden insights, improve productivity, and connect multi-modal patient information for deeper understanding of disease.

Top 5 Uses of AI in Medical Imaging

From automating workflows to improving processing speed and image quality, there are numerous ways AI can help detect and diagnose disease.

Use Cases

Discover How AI Is Revolutionizing Medical Imaging


Open-Source AI Framework for Healthcare Research

With AI-powered medical imaging, it's important to have tools that cover the end-to-end workflow. An open-source, PyTorch-based framework, MONAI is the single medical AI platform that brings together intelligent data labeling and annotation, training and inference, specifications for clinical deployment, and best practices from the AI and medical research community to ensure AI results translate into effective support for clinical decisioning. As a result, MONAI helps healthcare systems make medical AI implementation easier, gain context-awareness of healthcare data, and provide a single experience for clinicians on the front lines.


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Create Infinite Medical Imaging Data With Generative AI

Generative AI for medical imaging can create infinite synthetic images of the human anatomy. These large, synthetic datasets are used for training generalizable AI models that can learn from evolving patient data while preserving patient privacy. Learn how MONAI, a framework for building and deploying medical AI, and partners like King’s College London, Mount Sinai, and East River Imaging are using generative AI to study disease and make AI decisions and predictions more accurate, trusted, and safe.






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