Our breakthroughs are transforming every industry—and the people who work on them every day.

AI Software

Help companies of all sizes embrace data science technologies, from TensorFlow to RAPIDS, to analyze massive amounts of data for better decision-making. Develop predictive models, recommendation engines, statistical models, and other machine learning systems. Also, build, test, package, and distribute libraries and SDKs to further accelerate new and existing data science applications across operating systems and systems architectures.


Join a fast-paced, forward-looking team and help us transform transportation. NVIDIA is at the heart of the industry’s disruption with AI-powered autonomous vehicles, from cars and trucks to robotaxis and shuttles. Drive innovation by collaborating on—and championing—our end-to-end DRIVE platform, which spans data collection, model training, testing in simulation, and deployment of safe, self-driving vehicles. 


Join a team of extraordinary researchers and technologists accelerating the evolution and application of GPUs in AI, robotics, self-driving cars, high-performance computing, graphics, VR, augmented reality, computer vision, and more. Develop new circuits, architectures, and design methods. Discover and develop innovative parallel computing and deep learning solutions, collaborate with other researchers and teams, publish original research, and even present your work at conferences and events.

Ray Tracing


Redefine rendering by combining traditional graphics techniques with real-time ray tracing enabled by NVIDIA RTX technology. Work at all levels of the stack, from hardware and driver software to engine- and application-level code, to enable new levels of creativity and processing speed—from 3D animation and visual effects to modern real-time gaming.



Develop powerful new ways for robots to interact with their environment and perform complex tasks alongside humans. Design, prototype, test, fabricate, and assemble AI systems for robot manipulation, physics-based simulation, and perception using the power of machine learning, computer vision, and deep learning.



Help deliver the next generation of gaming by transforming experiences for desktop, mobile, and television platforms. Explore opportunities in product design, UI/UX design, game developer engagement, product marketing, and experience testing.



Preventing disease. Building smart cities. Revolutionizing analytics. Understand the important problems customers are solving, develop the cutting-edge techniques in deep learning, machine learning, and data analytics that can help, and perform in-depth analysis and optimization to revolutionize entire industries.



Join those inventing the future of graphics. Work alongside brilliant engineers and scientists on core technologies that demystify, optimize, and deliver graphics innovations—changing the lives of gamers and game developers, artists, engineers, and filmmakers. From company to colleague, you’ll get the support you need to do your best work and revolutionize the graphics industry—while helping others to do the same.  

Data Center


Join the team that’s transforming the data center with industry-leading high-performance computing and the revolutionary DGX technology, which drives 10X improvements in AI workloads. Design, develop, and deploy GPU-defined data centers, which are at the heart of supercomputers and AI everywhere.


NVIDIA is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and committed to fostering a diverse environment. NVIDIA is committed to offering reasonable accommodations, upon request, to job applicants with disabilities. If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, please contact Human Resources at 408-486-1405 or provide your contact information and we will contact you. Read NVIDIA’s Applicant Privacy Policy.