Sustainability Throughout our Product Lifecycle

Green isn't just our corporate color. It's our corporate philosophy. And it extends into every part of our business.

We create energy-efficient products. We operate our 60+ offices around the world with an eye towards reducing energy, waste, and water. We even partner with our suppliers to save natural resources wherever possible.

We're also dedicated to keeping technology products out of landfills, as they contain chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. In fact, 100% percent of the technology NVIDIA employees are issued is reused or recycled through certified e-waste vendors. The metals, components, and plastics found in this computer hardware can often be reused in future products—minimizing how much new stuff we need to create as a society.

You can find out more about our green practices by reading our sustainability report.

How can you help?

We've made it really easy to join us in being green. Just visit the web site of the company where you purchased your NVIDIA product, and they'll tell you how and where to recycle when you're done with it.

For NVIDIA® SHIELD customers in the states listed below, follow the link to find out where to recycle your SHIELD.

If you don’t see your state below, consider recycling at a Best Buy store as they accept most hardware products. Visit this page to find your state in the drop down list for the store nearest you.

NVIDIA SHIELD recycling by state (click Web Return on the site):