DGX BasePOD for Enterprise AI


The infrastructure foundation for enterprise AI.

Transform Into an AI Enterprise With Essential Infrastructure

AI is powering mission-critical use cases in every industry—from healthcare to manufacturing to financial services. As part of the NVIDIA DGX™ platform, NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ provides the reference architecture on which businesses can build and scale AI infrastructure.

Power Mission-Critical AI Use Cases With NVIDIA DGX BasePOD

NVIDIA has made it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for businesses to deploy the most important AI use cases powering enterprises. By combining the performance, scale, and manageability of the DGX BasePOD reference architecture with industry-tailored software and tools from the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, enterprises can rely on this proven platform to build their own AI Center of Excellence.

Health and Life Sciences

Financial Services


Large Language Models

Build on Our Experience

The race to stay ahead of the AI wave is on. We’ve distilled the knowledge from field-proven AI deployments around the globe and our experience building  in-house TOP500-class supercomputers into replicable, validated designs that every enterprise can benefit from. NVIDIA DGX BasePOD is a reference architecture that incorporates a proven design integrating compute, networking, storage, software, and more in integrated AI infrastructure solutions built on NVIDIA DGX.

What Customers Are Saying About NVIDIA DGX BasePOD

NVIDIA DGX Private Cloud with Equinix

Hybrid AI Infrastructure Made Seamless

Looking for a turnkey, ready-to-run AI development platform? Equinix Private AI with NVIDIA DGX leverages Equinix colocation data centers, network connectivity, and managed services to host and operate DGX BasePOD and DGX SuperPOD™.

Get DGX-Ready Software

Get the most from your AI infrastructure investment with NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software. These certified software solutions feature enterprise-grade MLOps, cluster management, and scheduling and orchestration tools—all tested and certified for NVIDIA DGX systems.

Delivering Supercomputing to Every Enterprise

NVIDIA created our first NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, the world’s eighth-fastest supercomputer at launch, in just three weeks. For enterprises that need the fastest path to AI innovation at scale, DGX SuperPOD is the turnkey hardware, software, and services offering that removes the guesswork from building and deploying AI infrastructure in any enterprise.

Explore Reference Architectures From Our Partners

In combination with leading storage technology providers, a portfolio of reference architecture solutions is available built on NVIDIA DGX BasePOD. Delivered as fully integrated, ready-to-deploy offerings through our NVIDIA Partner Network, these solutions make your data center AI infrastructure simpler and faster to design, deploy and manage.

Build AI Models Faster with DGX Cloud

The DGX Experience—in the Cloud

The fastest way to get started using the DGX platform is NVIDIA DGX Cloud, a serverless AI-training-as-a-service platform purpose built for enterprises developing generative AI.

Maximize the Value of the DGX Platform ​

NVIDIA Enterprise Services provide support, education, and professional services for your DGX infrastructure. With NVIDIA experts available at every step of your AI journey, Enterprise Services can help you get your projects up and running quickly and successfully.

Get an Exclusive Training Offer as a DGX Customer

Learn how to make cutting-edge breakthroughs faster with special technical training from the AI experts at the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI). Check out the offer available to DGX customers.

Get the NVIDIA DGX Platform


NVIDIA DGX™ systems with DDN A3I are the definitive path to production AI with customers worldwide, across generative AI, autonomous vehicles, government, life sciences, and financial services, to name a few. Our integrated solution provides unlimited scaling and improved performance as clusters grow, for faster iteration and, most importantly, speeding business innovation. Our combined expertise gives customers the fastest path to a high-performance AI data center with 10X the performance at a fraction of the power of competitive solutions.


AI Integration Made Easy with NVIDIA DGX A100 and DGX SuperPOD
Success Story: NVIDIA Selene and Cambridge-1
TCO AI Data Storage



Dell PowerScale

NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ and Dell provide a complete AI infrastructure solution that can handle the most complex machine learning and deep learning challenges. This solution combines the top scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) technology from Dell with the industry-tailored software and tools from the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite. Together, they offer a fully integrated, turnkey AI infrastructure solution that delivers the data and compute power needed for enterprise AI.


Introduction to Dell PowerScale
Dell EMC PowerScale Technical Whitepaper for NVIDIA DGX™ A100




IBM Storage Scale System is the ultra-performance solution that drives AI innovation and scales seamlessly from NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ to the largest DGX SuperPOD™ installations. Deployed by thousands of organizations for GPU acceleration and AI, IBM Storage Scale System delivers six nines of data reliability, cyber resiliency, and multi-protocol data pipelines for the most-demanding enterprises. Software-defined IBM Storage integrates and tiers your data, so you can leverage a global data platform to bring value to your organization and transform data-intensive AI workloads into actionable insights.


IBM Storage Reference Architecture With NVIDIA DGX™ A100 and DGX SuperPOD
IBM and NVIDIA: The Fastest Data Platform for AI




NetApp and NVIDIA set the IT standard for AI infrastructure, offering proven, reliable solutions validated by thousands of deployments. With NetApp's industry-leading Unified Data Storage, organizations can scale their AI workloads and achieve up to 5X faster insights. NetApp's deep industry expertise and optimized workflows ensure tailored solutions for real-world challenges. Partnering with NVIDIA, NetApp delivers advanced AI solutions, simplifying and accelerating the data pipeline with the ONTAP AI integrated solution powered by NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ and cloud-connected, all-flash storage.


AI Solutions - Optimize Your Data Pipeline
NetApp Artificial Intelligence Solutions
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Pure Storage

Pure Storage and NVIDIA are partnering to bring the latest technologies to every enterprise seeking to infuse their business with AI. Developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, AIRI is a state-of-the-art, flash-based AI infrastructure powered by the latest NVIDIA DGX™ systems and Pure Storage FlashBlase//S storage. Pure Storage is an Elite member of the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) and works closely with NVIDIA engineering and mutual channel partners to ensure solution integration support. 


AIRI AI Infrastructure Re-Imagined, Optimized, Ready for Enterprise
Discover AIRI: Next-Gen AI Infrastructure
AIRI Pure Storage NVIDIA DGX BasePOD Reference Architecture and Configuration Guide




The VAST Data Platform is validated for both NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ and DGX SuperPOD™ to deliver simple, scalable enterprise file services for the most demanding AI workloads. VAST fuels AI-powered discovery with more data and at unparalleled scale through revolutionary efficiencies that eliminate fragmented tiers of data silos. Purpose-built to make AI simple to deploy and manage, VAST’s always online upgrades and expansions eliminate downtime and accelerate insights. VAST enables organizations of any size to get started faster and seamlessly scale as their workloads grow.


Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging Success Story
VAST Data Platform for NVIDIA




The WEKA and NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ solution delivers the compute and storage performance demanded by today’s performance-intensive workloads. It combines NVIDIA’s best-in-class server technology with the WEKA data platform’s zero-tuning, zero-copy architecture to help data-driven organizations affordably and efficiently accelerate research and discovery breakthroughs and bring new AI and high-performance computing (HPC) innovations to market faster.


WEKA Data Platform Solution for NVIDIA DGX BasePOD
Scaling Deep Learning With WEKA and DGX BasePOD