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NVIDIA DualTV Full Install

Windows Vista 64-bit


Certified for Windows Vista

Version: 2.02
Release Date: May 17, 2007
WHQL Certified

U.S. English
File Size: 15.6 MB

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This software package is a production release supporting the integrated TV/PVR features of Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate RTM build (version 6000 or after). This package replaces the beta driver.

Installation Notes

  • Works with Windows Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate 64-bit versions. This package is not intended for Windows XP. Windows XP users should use v1.34 package.
  • Select the download site. Click “Save" to download the package to a disk location first. Next, double-click “2.02_nvidia_dualtv_winvista_.exe” to extract and install the files.

Release Highlights:

  • Production software release for Windows Vista 64-bit
  • Windows Vista Certified (premium logo for devices)
  • Includes NVIDIA DualTV extensions which support capture settings. Note that Vista does not require a separate decoder to support MPEG2, and the NVIDIA PureVideo decoder (which works with Windows XP) is not included in this package
  • Supports multiple DualTV boards in same system (requires compatible 3rd party applications that are also compatible with Vista 64-bit)
  • Preserves existing DualTV user settings on the PC when re-installing
  • Stability improvements over beta driver

Limitations or Known Issues:

  • Audio may be distorted when Windows Vista tries to detect the signal feed and scan channels during TV tuner set-up, with a set-top box connected to the tuner card via SVIDEO+RCA audio cable. Audio works fine after completing the setup.

Package Component Versions:

  • NVIDIA DualTV Driver v6.0.1.6
  • NVIDIA DualTV Extensions for XP/Vista v1
  • NVIDIA DualTV Installer v2.02
  • NVIDIA DualTV User’s Guide v06
  • NVIDIA MCE Remote Control User’s Guide v1

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