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NVIDIA DGX™ B200 is an unified AI platform for develop-to-deploy pipelines for businesses of any size at any stage in their AI journey. Equipped with eight NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs interconnected with fifth-generation NVIDIA® NVLink®, DGX B200 delivers leading-edge performance, offering 3X the training performance and 15X the inference performance of previous generations. Leveraging the NVIDIA Blackwell GPU architecture, DGX B200 can handle diverse workloads—including large language models, recommender systems, and chatbots—making it ideal for businesses looking to accelerate their AI transformation.

AI Infrastructure for Any Workload

Learn how DGX B200 enables enterprises to accelerate any AI workload, from data prep to training to inference.

Examples of Successful Enterprise Deployments

Read how the NVIDIA DGX platform and NVIDIA NeMo™ have empowered leading enterprises.


A Unified AI Platform

One Platform for Develop-to-Deploy Pipelines

Enterprises require massive amounts of compute power to handle complex AI datasets at every stage of the AI pipeline, from training to fine-tuning to inference. With NVIDIA DGX B200, enterprises can arm their developers with a single platform built to accelerate their workflows.

Powerhouse of AI Performance

Powered by the NVIDIA Blackwell architecture’s advancements in computing, DGX B200 delivers 3X the training performance and 15X the inference performance of DGX H100. As the foundation of NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ and NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™, DGX B200 delivers leading-edge performance for any workload.

Proven Infrastructure Standard

DGX B200 is a fully optimized hardware and software platform that includes the complete NVIDIA AI software stack, including NVIDIA Base Command and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, a rich ecosystem of third-party support, and access to expert advice from NVIDIA professional services.


Next-Generation Performance Powered by DGX B200

Real Time Large Language Model Inference

Projected performance subject to change. Token-to-token latency (TTL) = 50ms real time, first token latency (FTL) = 5s, input sequence length = 32,768, output sequence length = 1,028, 8x eight-way DGX H100 GPUs air-cooled vs. 1x eight-way DGX B200 air-cooled, per GPU performance comparison​.

Supercharged AI Training Performance

Projected performance subject to change. 32,768 GPU scale, 4,096x eight-way DGX H100 air-cooled cluster: 400G IB network, 4,096x 8-way DGX B200 air-cooled cluster: 400G IB network.


NVIDIA DGX B200 Specifications

GPU 8x NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs
GPU Memory 1,440GB total GPU memory
Performance 72 petaFLOPS training and 144 petaFLOPS inference
Power Consumption ~14.3kW max
CPU 2 Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8570 Processors
112 Cores total, 2.1 GHz (Base),
4 GHz (Max Boost)
System Memory Up to 4TB
Networking 4x OSFP ports serving 8x single-port NVIDIA ConnectX-7 VPI
  • Up to 400Gb/s InfiniBand/Ethernet
2x dual-port QSFP112 NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPU
  • Up to 400Gb/s InfiniBand/Ethernet
Management Network 10Gb/s onboard NIC with RJ45
100Gb/s dual-port ethernet NIC
Host baseboard management controller (BMC) with RJ45
Storage OS: 2x 1.9TB NVMe M.2
Internal storage: 8x 3.84TB NVMe U.2
Software NVIDIA AI Enterprise: Optimized AI Software
NVIDIA Base Command™: Orchestration, Scheduling, and Cluster Management
DGX OS / Ubuntu: Operating system
Rack Units (RU) 10 RU
System Dimensions Height: 17.5in (444mm)
Width: 19.0in (482.2mm)
Length: 35.3in (897.1mm
Operating Temperature 5–30°C (41–86°F)
Enterprise Support Three-year Enterprise Business-Standard Support for hardware and software
24/7 Enterprise Support portal access
Live agent support during local business hours


Delivering Supercomputing to Every Enterprise


NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ with DGX B200 systems enables leading enterprises to deploy large-scale, turnkey infrastructure backed by NVIDIA’s AI expertise.

Maximize the Value of the DGX Platform

NVIDIA Enterprise Services provide support, education, and professional services for your DGX infrastructure. With NVIDIA experts available at every step of your AI journey, Enterprise Services can help you get your projects up and running quickly and successfully.

Receive an Exclusive Training Offer as a DGX Customer

Learn how to achieve cutting-edge breakthroughs with AI faster and special technical training, offered expressly to DGX customers from the AI experts at the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI).

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