Earn Credentials  From NVIDIA

Earn Credentials From NVIDIA

Validate your skills through certification and course certificates.  

Technical credentials have become more and more important for both job seekers and those looking to advance their careers. To support your journey, NVIDIA offers course certificates, certification, and specialization training credentials. Elevate your professional profile, highlight your expertise, and chart a course for career advancement with NVIDIA credentials.

Get Certified

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, certification is a valuable way to advance your career. Certifications validate your proficiency, expertise, and dedication to ongoing learning.

NVIDIA-Certified Associate: AI in the Data Center

An associate-level assessment for IT professionals and others looking to recognize their skills in AI infrastructure in the data center.

NVIDIA-Certified Professional: InfiniBand

A professional-level assessment for networking and IT professionals looking to recognize their skills in AI networking by NVIDIA.

NVIDIA-Certified Associate: Generative AI and LLMs

An associate-level assessment for developers who are looking to validate their skills in the use of generative AI and large language models.

NVIDIA-Certified Associate: Multimodal Generative AI

An associate-level assessment for developers who are looking to validate their skills in the use of multimodal generative AI.

Course Certificates

NVIDIA offers certificates of completion and certificates of competency for select self-paced courses and instructor-led workshops. These certificates highlight your skills and validate subject matter expertise. Once received, be sure to share your achievement on social media. For LinkedIn, follow these step-by-step instructions to add your certificate to the "Licenses and Certifications" section of your profile.

Jetson AI Specialist

Want to expand your skills in robotics and edge computing? The NVIDIA® Jetson™ AI Specialist program is open to all and recognizes competency in Jetson and computer vision using a hands-on, project-based assessment. While this track is ideal for advanced learners to build on their existing AI knowledge, beginners can follow the in-depth video tutorials to get up to speed quickly.


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