NVIDIA Guidelines for Third-Party Press Releases and Blogs

NVIDIA encourages partners and customers to make announcements about their products and services powered by NVIDIA technology and share stories showcasing their success and technological achievements with NVIDIA-powered solutions. 

Any third-party press release or blog that mentions NVIDIA or any of our brands must be sent to NVIDIA for review to ensure accuracy and consistency. All third-party announcements mentioning NVIDIA require written approval from NVIDIA PR prior to public distribution. 

Following these guidelines will help speed our response to your review request.

Submission Instructions & Approval Guidelines

  • Provide complete drafts in English to your NVIDIA contact(s) using Word or Google Doc format. Submit releases and blogs at least seven business days prior to issue, with the exception of GTC, which requires 10 days for review.
    • NVIDIA cannot provide approval of excerpts as our process requires review of full drafts.
  • Provide your target distribution date. Indicate if the news will be distributed by wire locally, regionally or globally and if the news will be published in English or other languages.
  • After receiving NVIDIA formal approval, any subsequent changes to NVIDIA content or material details within the draft must be resubmitted for review. Directions for this process will be provided when your review is returned.


Editorial Guidelines

  • Tell your company’s story by focusing on your news, products, or services.
    • Lead with your company’s name in the headline and body.
    • Include details about the NVIDIA products your company is using and the benefits the NVIDIA products bring to the solution. Descriptions of NVIDIA offerings should be brief and follow explanation of your offerings.
  • We encourage customers and partners to use “NVIDIA” in their announcement headlines or subheads in a way that showcases the supporting role NVIDIA plays in your news. Announcements should characterize NVIDIA’s role accurately, without overstatement.
  • Avoid terms like “partnership,” “strategic partnership,” “alliance,” “endorsement,” and “joint development.” Instead, use words like “team,” “collaborate,” and “work together.”
  • Customer and partner releases should not include NVIDIA PR contact information, stock symbol, logo, or boilerplate.


Quote Guidelines

  • NVIDIA receives more requests for quotes than we can process. We appreciate your understanding if we are not able to provide one.
  • If requesting a quote, provide a sample one- or two-sentence quote focused on the news and NVIDIA’s role in the announcement.
  • The NVIDIA quote should come after the issuing company’s quote.
  • If we are able to provide a quote, NVIDIA will identify the appropriate spokesperson for attribution and secure their approval for the statement.
    • Please note that quotes cannot be reused for any subsequent announcements or marketing materials without NVIDIA PR approval.
  • Avoid overly technical language and cliches like: “XYZ Corp. is excited/proud/delighted/thrilled to …” Instead, focus on what the news makes possible or how it helps customers. This will help your quote provide context that could interest a journalist reporting on your announcement.