FY24 Skills for Impact

FY24 Skills for Impact

The Perfect Fit for Every Volunteer

Everybody brings a unique talent to the NVIDIA team. We introduced the Inspire 365 Skills for Impact volunteering initiative to make it easier for NVIDIANs to find opportunities that incorporate their professional skills.

Through short-term, flash-style consulting events, more than 150 U.S.employees—including four department teams from HR and marketing—worked in small groups to help two dozen nonprofits with strategic projects in fiscal year 2024.

Over five hours, our volunteers used their expertise to advise on social media and branding strategy, propose an employee wellness program and hybrid work policy, suggest enhancements to technical development processes, drive improvements to the user experience, and more.

Our Contributions to the Supported Nonprofits




Fair Market Value

The initiative also supported a cohort of 35 NVIDIANs looking to take nonprofit involvement to the next level by serving on a board of directors. Participants were provided with group training, one-on-one coaching, and a host of additional resources to help them discover, connect with, and vet nonprofits in the areas that align with their personal passions.

This year, we’ll be increasing the size of the board coaching cohort and expanding the flash-consulting globally, with initial pilots in India and the U.K.

Our Collaborating Partner

Nonprofit Common Impact partners with companies to design skills-based volunteering programs that empower their employees to use their skills and expertise to help build the capacity of nonprofits around the world.

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Annual Report Overview

Inspire 365 helped NVIDIANs make a tremendous difference.

NVIDIANs in Action

NVIDIANs around the world turned their passion for giving into action.

Disaster and Crisis Response

Employees gave generously to help those affected by disasters and humanitarian crises.