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The NVIDIA® DualTV MCE TV tuner card has been discontinued. NVIDIA has announced it is discontinuing sales of NVIDIA DualTV MCE, an analog TV tuner, in accordance with the FCC requirement that TV receiving devices sold after March 1, 2007 possess the capability of supporting digital television signals. More info

Control your TV experience: Watch what you want, when you want, wherever you want!
The NVIDIA® DualTV MCE analog TV tuner card delivers a home-theater experience through your PC. It lets you schedule recordings of your favorite TV shows, watch one channel and record another, or record two channels simultaneously. PureVideo Decoder software is included, providing unmatched picture fidelity and rich surround sound.

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The NVIDIA DualTV MCE tuner card works with the following software:

Features Benefits
Simultaneous Watch and Record Record two TV channels, or watch one TV channel while recording another—the perfect solution for Windows MCE.
Helpful Wizards and Simple Quick Start Guide NVIDIA DualTV's easy-install features mean you'll be watching and recording your favorite programs in no time.
NVIDIA® PureVideo™ Technology NVIDIA PureVideo delivers a crystal-clear television picture with 3D noise reduction, advanced 3D comb filtering, and signal amplification.
NVIDIA® MediaSqueeze™ Technology NVIDIA MediaSqueeze lets you store more of your favorite TV programs on your hard disk or a DVD.
NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder The NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder combines the industry’s highest quality DVD and MPEG-2 playbac with rich surround-sound audio, and provides the best movie experience with Microsoft® Windows® Media Player and Windows XP Media Center Edition.
Multistream Hardware MPEG-2 MP@ML Encode Record a sharp, crisp TV picture while freeing the CPU for other applications.
Multiple Inputs Accepts TV and audio input from cable, set-top boxes, and off-the-air antennas. An internal splitter allows a single cable or antenna connection to supply two different channels simultaneously.
NVIDIA® ForceWare® Drivers Use the rock-solid NVIDIA ForceWare drivers to unleash the full power and features of NVIDIA’s DualTV experience. The added benefits powered by the Media Center extensions deliver an unmatched Media Center experience.
FM Tuner FM tuner allows you to pause, rewind, and record your favorite FM radio programs.

Certified for Windows Vista