Digital Cockpit


Enjoy the ride with the digital cockpit
NVIDIA uses the newest graphics processing architecture to deliver high-resolution, high frame-rate, photorealistic graphics for a range of applications. These include everything from rich, easy-to-read graphics and premium audio interfaces, to natural language processing, interactive cockpit controls, and 3D navigation with intuitive, glanceable displays.

Personalize your Journey

Traditional analog gauges and dials are going digital and demanding the highest levels of image quality. At the same time, the information displayed in the center stack and instrument cluster are starting to merge, placing very high demands on the cluster graphics system. NVIDIA solutions enable digital cockpit solutions.

Surround Vision with Advanced Rendering

Conventional surround view systems show the driver a virtual view of the area around the car, but often have poor image quality due to warping effects from the fisheye camera lenses. NVIDIA uses sophisticated structure-from-motion and advanced stitching for better image rendering and reduced "ghosting", such as where a line on the pavement can appear in two places at once.

Powerful graphics enable NVIDIA to render a virtual car with high-detail models and realistic lighting effects, so you see what looks like your car, rather than a generic or toy model.

3D Navigation

Surround Vision with Advanced Rendering

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