Digital Cockpit Computer

Modern car cockpit computers require advanced 3D navigation and infotainment, high-resolution digital instrument clusters, natural speech processing, and image processing and visualization for driver assistance. As this computer becomes more complex, automakers need a platform to get to market faster with the lowest total cost. NVIDIA DRIVE CX is that platform.


The Complete Automotive Cockpit Platform

DRIVE CX comes with a full software stack, from BSP to optimized automotive middleware, integrated with reference applications. The single DIN form factor design is scalable from entry to premium systems, with a complete hardware and software architecture that reduces development costs for automakers and their suppliers while accelerating time-to-market.


Entering addresses, finding points of interest, and calling contacts are common tasks made difficult by today's infotainment systems. DRIVE CX makes these complex tasks simple to use through the power of speech recognition. The Tegra processor, CUDA, and deep learning enable natural-language speech understanding (NLU) in DRIVE CX platforms. Because the processing capabilities are embedded, the NLU happens without requiring a network connection.

Advanced Graphics for Rich 3D
Navigation and Infotainment

DRIVE CX uses the newest graphics processing architecture to deliver high-resolution, high frame-rate, photorealistic graphics for a range of applications. These include everything from 3D maps and landmarks with advanced lighting effects to next-generation human-machine interfaces (HMI).

Best-in-Class Graphics for Stunning Digital Instrument Clusters

Automakers and Tier 1 suppliers can use NVIDIA DRIVE Design to bring rich, personalized graphics into hybrid and full digital instrument clusters while also reducing driver distraction. DRIVE Design supports Material Definition Language (MDL) to render physical materials such as carbon fiber, brushed metals, and glass in a photorealistic manner. Putting critical information in the driver's line of sight through a cluster and/or HUD is the safest way to display information.

Surround Vision with Advanced Rendering

Conventional surround view systems show the driver a virtual view of the area around the car, but often have poor image quality due to warping effects from the fisheye camera lenses. DRIVE CX uses sophisticated structure-from-motion and advanced stitching for better image rendering and reduced "ghosting", such as where a line on the pavement can appear in two places at once. Powerful graphics enable DRIVE CX to render a virtual car in the view with high-detail models and realistic lighting effects, so you see what looks like your car, rather than a generic or toy model.

Roll with Android Auto

Drivers with an Android™ smartphone can now access their mobile device and interact with popular apps like maps, search, and music more easily and with less distraction. These new features enable convenient capabilities like fully voice-driven messaging and navigation.
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