Self-Driving Trucks

Trucking and logistics play an increasingly vital role in moving the world forward. In fact, trucks move more than 70 percent of all freight in the United States, and with the rise of e-commerce, the demand for efficient shipping continues to accelerate. NVIDIA DRIVE® is a scalable platform designed to withstand the harsh conditions of round-the-clock operation, preparing autonomous trucks for the long haul.

Transforming Transportation with AI

Level 2+ Driver Assistance
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Level 2+ Driver Assistance

Even with a human driver at the wheel, AI can help improve safety and efficiency with Level 2+ driver assistance. With NVIDIA DRIVE, manufacturers can incorporate surround perception, surround vision, active safety features, and AI-assisted driving capabilities to ease the strain of long-distance trucking. The system includes driver monitoring to ensure that attention is always on the road ahead.


Most long-haul routes are regularly run between major shipping outposts, or hubs. The scalable NVIDIA DRIVE platform makes it possible to implement Level 4 autonomy, or driverless operation, on these frequently traveled routes to improve safety and efficiency in everyday operations.

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Transporting goods within a shipping area typically requires vehicles traveling within a geo-fenced area and on industrial roads. With facility-to-facility autonomous capabilities, NVIDIA DRIVE is enabling the development of new types of commercial vehicles, including driverless, cab-less trucks.

An Ecosystem for the Long Haul


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