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Whether enterprises are running massive extract, transform, and load (ETL) pipelines with Apache Spark on premises or experimenting on a new model with scikit-learn in the cloud, accelerated Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) with NVIDIA-Certified Systems can speed up these operations with little overhead. CDP includes support for Apache Spark 3.x and NVIDIA’s accelerated data science stack. Spark DataFrame and SQL operations run 5X faster on NVIDIA GPUs at a fraction of the cost of CPU equivalents. 

Those looking to understand the benefits of accelerated Apache Spark on their workloads. This workshop allows your team to evaluate the effectiveness of the NVIDIA data science toolset running on GPUs. Apart from data engineers and data scientists, business leaders can benefit from new insights gleaned from massive datasets, something impossible to do with their current software stack.

Live Discussions

Live Discussions

Live discussion with the NVIDIA data science product team.

Detailed code review

Code Review

Detailed code review from NVIDIA data science engineers.

Profiling Analysis Tools

Profiling Analysis Tools

Analysis from RAPIDS qualification and profiling tools

Workshop Duration

Workshop Duration

Estimated duration: ~1 hr

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