Pindar Van Arman With Kitty Simpson

Our children are growing up in an AI-augmented world that’s being profoundly changed by technology. In this series, each child’s portrait was painted by a robot and paired with a prediction of how their lives will be different from their parents.

The Portraits

The Process


By Pindar Van Arman and Kitty Simpson

Pindar Van Arman’s artwork is an exploration of the artistic process, and how close artificial intelligence comes to human creativity. Over 15 years, his painting robots evolved from making backgrounds to using AI algorithms. Then he was inspired by Minsky’s The Society of Mind, which theorized that the human mind was a collection of smaller interactive intelligences, each of which surfaced when needed. As his robot’s algorithms started competing for control of the brush, they became creative. 

Kitty Simpson was born and raised in the Netherlands. Originally from a career in technology, she has been a longtime portrait and fine art photographer. Her work focuses on removing distractions and capturing the core of each subject. In addition to photography, she transforms her own original high-resolution photography into digital art.

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Dinner with Strangers: Digital to Physical...and Back Again

While artists Pindar Van Arman and Daniel Ambrosi take very different approaches to using artificial intelligence in their artworks, they have a shared focus on making physical AI-augmented artifacts (Pindar's canvases and Daniel's light boxes). At the same time, both artists have embraced the opportunity to share their work purely digitally—like in the online AI Art Gallery here at GTC—as well as in digital displays, immersive projection, and virtual reality. How do we make sense of all of this? According to the artists, we are three-dimensional creatures living in a 3D world, but we experience that world entirely within our unlit skulls. Does it or should it matter whether the art artifact is comprised of bits or atoms?

Using AI to Shape the Language of a Generation

Our stories are passed down through generations, but what if those stories are passed through neural models instead of people? Join a discussion of how language in the age of AI takes on new forms and tells new stories. Artists Stephanie Dinkins and Pindar Van Arman and poet Allison Parrish share how the language of AI has shaped their artwork and their creative process.