NVIDIA has announced the voluntary recall of certain plug heads for SHIELD AC wall adapters designed for use in continental Europe, which the company will replace. The affected product shipped with SHIELD World Charger Kits, and European SHIELD tablets and European SHIELD TVs between July 2014 and May 2017. NVIDIA has determined that the two-prong European plug head – or “duck head” – may break, posing a risk of electrical shock. The recall is limited to the European plug head and does not affect any other NVIDIA products.

NVIDIA is coordinating with appropriate governmental agencies to ensure that the recall follows established regulatory practices.

Follow the instructions below to see if your wall adapter plug head is included in this recall.

Step 1: How can I tell if my unit is affected by the recall?
The recall applies only to adapters with a European two-prong plug or “duck head”. Identify your unit’s plug head type by comparing to the table below:

Step 2: Remove the AC Plug adapter:
Press the release tab located below the pins and slide the plate up to release from the AC adapter.

There are 2 ways to identify if you have a European plug head that needs to be recalled.

On the back of the adapter plug head look for the table as highlighted in the image below:
If your plug head does not have a “punch mark” in the last 2 triangles of row 16 as indicated please proceed to register for replacement.


On the back of the adapter plug head look for the circle with the letter “B” near the corner as indicated in the image below.
If your plug does not have the letter “B” as indicated please proceed to register for replacement.


Step 3: Register for a replacement plug head:
When you have verified that your product is included in this recall Please enter your name and contact information, in the fields below.

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Q. How do I know if my product is affected?

Please visit the recall web site www.nvidia.com/support/adapterrecall and follow the instructions on how to identify if you have an adapter impacted by the recall.

Q. What is the problem with the European plug head?

A. The European plug head may break and create a risk of electrical shock.

Q. Can I replace the plug head myself?

A. Yes, the adapter duck head is a user replaceable part; we will send a replacement part.

Q. Is this a worldwide recall?

A. No, it’s limited to regions where the European plug head was shipped.

Q. How do I get a replacement? Where can I go for more info?

A. Please go to the registration page www.nvidia.com/support/adapterrecall and submit a claim for a replacement.

Q. What are you sending to replace my European plug head?

A. We will send you a replacement European plug head.

Q. I can’t submit a claim online. What do I do?

A. Call our customer support team.
US (toll free): 800-797-6530
US: 408-486-2000
United Kingdom: 0800 404 7747
Germany: +49 (0)3030806888
France: +33 (0)975186797
Spain: +34 911880035
Italy: +39 0294757110
Poland: +48 (0)223975013
Russia: +74996092527

Alternatively, you can visit www.nvidia.com/nvcc

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