Cosmos Cloud

GPU-Accelerated Computing in the Cloud

Democratizing the GPU

NVIDIA is bringing the power of GPUs to the cloud, democratizing access to advanced compute processing. This industry-first offering integrates NVIDIA expertise, technology and solutions, and is equipped to solve the most complex, high-performance computing problems.

Redefine your workflow

The Most Complete Deep Learning Stack

NGC Deep Learning Stack, built by NVIDIA experts, is pre-integrated, performance-optimized and includes all of the leading deep learning frameworks, CuDNN, NCCL, TensorRT, GPU drivers, NVIDIA CUDA® and Linux operating system, so you can start innovating in hours instead of weeks.

Superior Performance

Built on a combination of performance engineered software and the world’s fastest GPU technology, Cosmos Cloud is designed for mission-critical enterprise workloads. It delivers dependable, unsurpassed performance that scales with your business.

Faster, Easier Experimentation and Innovation

Designed for accelerated computing workloads, Cosmos Cloud propels your work, letting you innovate, design, and iterate faster than traditional cloud compute services. Gain access to a whole world of resources with GPU acceleration in the cloud.

The power of incredible features

Cosmos Software Stack

Cosmos Software Stack is integrated, optimized and delivers the fastest performance  for today’s most important workloads requiring GPU acceleration. It is built on NVIDIA container technology for  workload portability across a range of computing environments — NVIDIA TITANX or GeForce GTX 1080Ti on the PC, NVIDIA DGX Station, NVIDIA DGX-1 server, or in the cloud.

Cosmos Workflow Application

Cosmos Workflow Application provides an intuitive interface and powerful suite of core services, making it easy to manage your workloads. This application includes the container registry, job monitoring, scheduling, billing and metrics. It also enables you to manage and configure your compute environment resources, whether it’s PC, server or cloud.

Cosmos Deep Learning Cloud

Powerful. Intelligent. Simple.