Cosmos Deep Learning

Truly scalable deep learning

Cosmos Deep Learning service is making deep learning available anytime and anywhere, enabling you to rapidly build, train, and deploy neural network models to address your business demands. You can now experiment with one or several different frameworks to uncover the best results for your dataset and model design.

This cloud-hosted service is powered by Cosmos Deep Learning Software that can be run on any accelerated computing environment, from NVIDIA TITANXP or GeForce GTX 1080Ti to NVIDIA DGX systems or the cloud, providing flexibility as your deep learning needs evolve.

Redefine your workflow

The Most Complete Deep Learning Software

Cosmos Deep Learning Software, built by NVIDIA experts, is pre-integrated, performance-optimized and includes popular deep learning frameworks, CuDNN, NCCL, TensorRT, GPU drivers, NVIDIA CUDA® and Linux operating system, so you can start innovating in hours instead of weeks.

Designed to Fit and Grow with Your Environments

Cosmos Deep Learning allows you to use your current environment. Whether you're a developer using an NVIDIA TITAN XP, a data scientist experimenting on a DGX Station, an enterprise with DGX-1s in the data center, or a cloud first organization, deep learning is now available at any point in your journey.

Faster, Easier Experimentation and Innovation

Get access to the highest-performing GPU accelerated solution available 24x7x365 that includes everything you need to get started. Deploy on your choice of environments, with the flexibility to keep your workload on premises, or simply rent only the training or inference capacity you need from the cloud, when you need it.

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