University Ambassador Program

Bring new possibilities to your academic community with hands-on training, enhanced curriculum, and access to GPUs.

Bring World-Class Education to Your University

Open up a new world of opportunity for you, your students, and your academic community with the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) University Ambassador Program. As an Ambassador you can bring free instructor-led workshops in cutting-edge technologies-Al, accelerated computing, data science, and more-to your university, enriching your curriculum and giving your students the skills they need to jumpstart their future.

DLI Ambassador Spotlights

Lead Software Scientist

Dr. Sina Mostafanejad

The Molecular Sciences Software Institute, Virginia Tech, USA

Meet Dr. Sina Mostafanejad, our first Platinum Certified Instructor in the US. He has delivered 8 DLI workshops and trained more than 300 students across multiple scientific disciplines.

Associate Professor, College of Physics and Optoelectronics

Peng Jia

Taiyuan University of Technology, China

Peng Jia has trained over 800 students, making him one of our most active University Ambassadors in China.

Full Professor

Manuel Ujaldon Martinez

Universidad de Malaga, Spain

Manuel Ujaldon is one of our most experienced and well-known instructors. Since 2012, he has taught more than 100 CUDA workshops and tutorials worldwide.  

DLI Ambassador Program

DLI Workshop and Content Enablement

DLI Workshop and Content Enablement

  • Bring free, world-class training to your academic community in a variety of settings—from the classroom to academic conferences (a value of $500 per student)

  • Access to the Ambassador Workshop Event Kit “train the trainer” content and workshop promotion assets

  • Early access to new DLI Teaching Kits and free, online, self-paced DLI courses for students in your class

  • Reimbursement for catering, travel, and other qualified expenses up to $500 per hosted DLI workshop
 DLI Instructor-Certification Awards and Incentives

Instructor-Certification Awards and Incentives

  • Free DLI instructor-certification, a $1,000 value

  • Workshop-specific instructor certificates  to demonstrate your expertise  for career growth and development

  • A special Ambassador certificate recognizing your DLI University Ambassador Program membership

  • The opportunity to achieve one or more DLI instructor specializations in a series of related workshops

  • Optional profile listing in the public NVIDIA Certified Instructor directory

  • The opportunity to purchase DLI workshops at a discount and resell/instruct them to industry and professional continuing-education customers

  • Additional benefits for Ambassadors who reach defined “tiers” of workshop-delivery activity, including financial awards of up to $1,000 per award

  • These and a number of additional benefits are detailed in the latest DLI Ambassador Benefits Guide.

Interested in taking a deeper dive into the program?

DLI Ambassador Program Qualifications

DLI Instructor-Certification Qualifications

As a DLI-certified instructor candidate, you’ll complete workshop-specific evaluations that include technical qualifications, subject matter expertise, mastery of workshop content, classroom delivery skills, and training on effective use of the DLI platform.

To qualify for membership in the Ambassador Program, you should be currently affiliated with an academic institution. You’ll also need to satisfy general technical qualifications for the technology covered in the workshop, such as deep learning, accelerated computing, and data science.

Each current DLI course has specific qualification criteria, and the courses are regularly updated.

Start Your DLI Certification Process Today

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Step 3 Apply.
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