At the heart of Adobe Premiere® Pro CC is the GPU-accelerated Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, co-developed by Adobe and NVIDIA. It leverages NVIDIA GPUs and the NVIDIA® CUDA® Parallel Computing Platform to deliver interactive, real-time editing and up to 23x¹ faster performance on final rendered exports. A major update in the June 2014 release of Premiere Pro CC is fast 4K playback of RED Media, which eliminates the need for a RED ROCKET card. Other key updates include faster Feathered Masking and the ability to apply Mercury Playback features universally with Master Clips Effects. If you're a Mac user, in many cases a simple upgrade to the NVIDIA CUDA driver can result in up to 40% faster Premiere Pro CC performance!

Watch how NVIDIA GPUs accelerate Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


4K Breakthrough: GPU Debayering for Fast RED Media Playback

NVIDIA GPU-enhanced real-time RED Camera media 4K playback for accelerating debayering. This new speed breakthrough eliminates the need for editors to purchase a dedicated RED ROCKET card, reducing cost and system-configuration issues.

Feathered Masking

Dynamic Mask Tracking and Feathered Masking for automatic image tracking

Master Clips Effects

GPU-accelerated effects in the Mercury Playback Engine can now be applied to multiple sub-clips, speeding up the entire editing timeline management process.

Mac Optimizations

CUDA performance optimizations for NVIDIA-accelerated Macs, providing up to 40% faster Premiere Pro CC performance vs out-of-the box configuration. Simply upgrade to the NVIDIA CUDA driver, and get speed for free.

Other Key GPU-Accelerated Features

Lumetri Deep Color Engine

NVIDIA GPUs provide unmatched responsiveness and a simplified workflow for the integrated Lumetri Deep Color Engine that allows SpeedGrade color correction and even your own SpeedGrade "Looks" to be easily accessed directly within Premiere Pro CC.

Demo: Boost performance on Lumetri Deep Color Engine (00:38)

Adobe Anywhere Integration

Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC are key GPU-accelerated elements integrated into Adobe Anywhere. The NVIDIA Tesla-accelerated collaborative video workflow platform lets video editors, visual effects artists, and other creative pros work together seamlessly using centralized media and assets across virtually any network. Learn more.

¹ Compared with dual Intel Xeon E5 2687W 3.10GHz CPUs (16 total cores)

Performance specs for Adobe Premier Pro CC Lumetri Deep Color Engine with NVIDIA GPU acceleration

*Quadro Performance Driver available for download now. Final performance will depend on system configuration, content, and user workflow.