At the heart of Adobe Premiere® Pro CC is the GPU-accelerated Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, co-developed by Adobe and NVIDIA. It leverages NVIDIA GPUs and the NVIDIA® CUDA® Parallel Computing Platform to deliver interactive, real-time editing and up to 26x¹ faster performance on final rendered exports. A major update in the June 2014 release of Premiere Pro CC is fast 4K playback of RED Media, which eliminates the need for a RED ROCKET card. Other key updates include faster Feathered Masking and the ability to apply Mercury Playback features universally with Master Clips Effects. If you're a Mac user, in many cases a simple upgrade to the NVIDIA CUDA driver can result in up to 40% faster Premiere Pro CC performance!

Watch how NVIDIA GPUs accelerate 4K workflows in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Watch how NVIDIA GPUs accelerate 4K workflows in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

See how NVIDIA GPU acceleration of Adobe Premiere Pro CC compares to a CPU.

See how NVIDIA GPU acceleration of Adobe Premiere Pro CC compares to a CPU


4K Breakthrough: GPU Debayering for Fast RED Media Playback

NVIDIA GPU-enhanced real-time RED Camera media 4K playback for accelerating debayering. This new speed breakthrough eliminates the need for editors to purchase a dedicated RED ROCKET card, reducing cost and system-configuration issues.

Feathered Masking

Dynamic Mask Tracking and Feathered Masking for automatic image tracking

Master Clips Effects

GPU-accelerated effects in the Mercury Playback Engine can now be applied to multiple sub-clips, speeding up the entire editing timeline management process.

Mac Optimizations

CUDA performance optimizations for NVIDIA-accelerated Macs, providing up to 40% faster Premiere Pro CC performance vs out-of-the box configuration. Simply upgrade to the NVIDIA CUDA driver, and get speed for free.

Other Key GPU-Accelerated Features

Lumetri Deep Color Engine

NVIDIA GPUs provide unmatched responsiveness and a simplified workflow for the integrated Lumetri Deep Color Engine that allows SpeedGrade color correction and even your own SpeedGrade "Looks" to be easily accessed directly within Premiere Pro CC.

Demo: Boost performance on Lumetri Deep Color Engine (00:38)

Adobe Anywhere Integration

Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC are key GPU-accelerated elements integrated into Adobe Anywhere. The NVIDIA Tesla-accelerated collaborative video workflow platform lets video editors, visual effects artists, and other creative pros work together seamlessly using centralized media and assets across virtually any network. Learn more.


¹ Compared with dual Intel Xeon E5 2687W 3.10GHz CPUs (16 total cores)

*Quadro Performance Driver available for download now. Final performance will depend on system configuration, content, and user workflow.

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