The Proven Combination
for Exceptional Designs
NVIDIA QUADRO AND CATIA. The Proven Combination for Exceptional Designs.

The latest NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics cards enable you to use advanced textures and materials on large assemblies without slowing down the design process. Stylists can now use realistic materials like car paint, diamond, and leather stitching to render life-like models. Electrical and hydraulics engineering teams can navigate complete airplane or car assemblies to make informed technical decisions faster. Go ahead and rotate, pan, zoom, and modify without worry. Quadro gives you the power you need.


CATIA Live Rendering provides an intuitive and interactive means for creating images that rival photographs, up to 10x faster with an NVIDIA Multi-GPU configuration. NVIDIA Multi-GPU-powered workstations are the first to deliver a unified platform that combines the industry-leading professional 3D graphics capability of Quadro GPUs and the high performance computing power of NVIDIA Tesla™ GPUs. The Tesla co-processors automatically take on the heavy lifting of rendering, freeing the Quadro GPUs to do what they do best—enabling rich interactive graphics. The long wait for stunning, print-quality images is a thing of the past. As you add Quadro and Tesla GPUs, performance accelerates, so you actually get more than what you pay for.


Workstations with NVIDIA Multi-GPU technology provide CATIA and CATIA Live Rendering users with greater graphics and computational performance than ever before. Engineers and designers in industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to consumer packaged goods can perform fast SIMULIA Abaqus simulations or photorealistic rendering while still working on their designs.