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Mental Ray
Rendering Imagination Visible
Image courtesy of Amaru Zeas
Rendering Imagination Visible

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NVIDIA Mental Ray for 3ds Max

NVIDIA® Mental Ray® for 3ds Max is a plug-in renderer for entertainment and visualization professionals who need complete flexibility in their creations. Time tested with over 20 years as the industry standard in 3D rendering; Mental Ray is now available directly from NVIDIA. Mental Ray uses both CPUs and GPUs for global illumination and can exchange materials with NVIDIA® Iray® and Chaos Group V-Ray through the use of the NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL).


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New Features
Model courtesy of Stefan Morrell 'Stonemason' and DAZ 3D, available at
  • Full backward compatibility for earlier 3ds Max scenes employing Mental Ray or the Mental Ray Iray mode
  • Latest Mental Ray 3.14 version with continuing updates and fixes
  • Interactive progressive rendering so you quickly see final results as you edit
  • GI Next makes high-quality global illumination easy - and 2-4X faster than earlier methods, with GPU acceleration making it far faster yet
  • MDL support with vMaterials browsing
  • Mental Ray Standalone mode is now included for production pipeline efficiency and flexibility
  • When licensed, enables Mental Ray Standalone, Mental Ray Satellite, and the NVIDIA Iray for 3ds Max plug-in

Production Rendering with Mental Ray for 3ds Max

Mental Ray for 3ds Max is FREE to use within an interactive 3ds Max session. A Mental Ray license is only required when you render outside of a 3ds Max session. Your license then enables rendering with headless 3ds Max, Mental Ray Satellite or Standalone mode, as well as the separately available NVIDIA Iray for 3ds Max plug-in.

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NVIDIA Mental Ray