Quadro and Catia
With complex add-on programs and long wait times it used to be that photorealistic rendering was reserved just for the styling and marketing departments. No longer. Realistic models are fast becoming a necessity for designers and engineers for more accurate and faster decisions throughout the entire process.

With rendering integrated directly within CATIA – powered by NVIDIA Multi-GPU technology – Live Rendering provides an intuitive and interactive means for creating images that rival photographs, up to 6x faster3. NVIDIA Multi-GPU powered workstations are the first to deliver a unified platform that combines the industry-leading professional 3D graphics capability of NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs and the high performance computing power of NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs. The Tesla co-processors automatically take the heavy lifting of rendering, freeing the Quadro GPUs to do what they do best—enabling rich interactive graphics.

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Example of rendering a vase   Example of rendering a headphone
Example of rendering a car   Example of rendering an engine
You can see how fast CATIA Live Rendering can be with the power of Multi-GPU. No longer do you need to wait forever for beautiful, print-quality images. As you add Quadro and Tesla GPUs, performance gets exponentially faster. So you actually get more than you pay for.
Which Quadro Solution is Right for me?
  Quadro K5000 Multi-GPU:
Quadro K5000 + Tesla K20
Quadro K6000 + Tesla K40
Users CAD Modelers Creative Designers Visualization Experts
CATIA Live Rendering Usage Occasional Regular Intensive
Benefit Create photorealistic images to quickly communicate project progress and direction Review and change materials interactively to fine tune material library and produce high resolution images Render production images with complex materials and huge data model sets.
CUDA Processing Cores 1536 4032 (1536 on Quadro K5000 and 2496 on Tesla K20) 5760 (2880 on Quadro K6000 and 2880 on Tesla K40)
Total GPU Memory 4 GB GDDR5 9 GB GDDR5 (4 GB on Quadro K5000 + 5 GB on Tesla K20) 24 GB DDR5 (12 GB on Quadro K6000 + 12 GB on Tesla K40)

Quadro professional graphics solutions are engineered, built, and tested by NVIDIA to provide the highest standards of quality for maximum system uptime. Nearly a decade of technical collaboration with NVIDIA has resulted in unprecedented performance and driver stability that more than 90% of Dassault Systemes customers trust for their mission-critical CAD workflows.

Quadro K6000
> 12 GB
> 2880 CUDA Cores
Buy Quadro K5000
Quadro K5000
> 4 GB
> 1536 CUDA Cores
Buy Quadro K5000
Tesla K40
> 12 GB
> 2880 CUDA Cores
Buy Tesla K20
Tesla K20
> 5 GB
> 2496 CUDA Cores
Buy Tesla K20
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