NVIDIA AI-on-5G Platform

Simplify deployment of AI applications over 5G edge

NVIDIA AI-on-5G is a unified platform that brings together developments in AI and 5G at the edge to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises across all industries. 5G provides the underlying connectivity for billions of devices, extending the reach of AI algorithms and applications to all connected objects at the edge, enabling new use cases and new markets.

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Accelerating Edge AI over 5G

NVIDIA AI-on-5G is made up of the NVIDIA EGX enterprise platform, the NVIDIA Aerial SDK for software-defined 5G virtual radio area networks (vRANs), and enterprise AI applications, including SDKs such as NVIDIA Isaac and NVIDIA Metropolis. This solution can be deployed on premises and managed by enterprises or managed by hyperscalers like Google Cloud.

The NVIDIA AI-on-5G Platform

NVIDIA-Certified Servers

NVIDIA-Certified Systems on NVIDIA EGX enables enterprises to confidently deploy scalable hardware and software that securely and optimally run their modern workloads. EGX delivers the power of accelerated computing from data center to edge with a range of optimized hardware, easy-to-deploy application and management software, and a vast ecosystem of compatible partners.

5G Connectivity

NVIDIA Aerial is a programmable, O-RAN fronthaul-compliant, Kubernetes-based, cloud-native, and scalable platform for 5G vRAN. Its cuVNF and cuBB SDKs provide highly programmable signal processing for physical layers. Aerial is part of the EGX software stack, providing connectivity and networking to support AI applications.

AI Applications

From intelligent video analytics and smart sensors to conversational AI and robotics, the NVIDIA NGC™ catalog features an extensive range of GPU-accelerated software. With coverage for the top AI and data science use cases for every industry, these AI applications are tuned, tested, and optimized to run on NVIDIA-Certified Systems™.

Latest AI-on-5G News

How AI-on-5G Opens New Opportunities for Businesses

How AI-on-5G Opens New Opportunities for Businesses

Ericsson, Microsoft, Mavenir, and Fujitsu were among the companies that showcased their latest AI-on-5G solutions at GTC 2022.

Metropolis Edge AI-on-5G Platform

Metropolis Edge AI-on-5G Platform Delivers Intelligent Video Analytics over 5G

NVIDIA and Mavenir are delivering innovation in how intelligent edge networks are built. Enterprises can deploy AI and 5G together using an edge server with a converged accelerator.

NVIDIA Aerial AI-on-5G Computing Platform

NVIDIA and Google Cloud to Create AI-on-5G Open Innovation Lab

NVIDIA is partnering with Google Cloud to build the industry’s first AI-on-5G lab that will speed AI application development for 5G network operators.

Getting Started with AI-on-5G

Top 5 Questions on NVIDIA AI-on-5G Answered

Top 5 Questions on NVIDIA AI-on-5G Answered

Watch this session from MWC Barcelona, where NVIDIA’s general manager for AI and 5G shared his insights on the most common AI-on-5G questions, including top use cases, business value, partner ecosystem, and more.

Edge AI Applications on a High-Performance 5G RAN

Edge AI Applications on a High-Performance 5G RAN

Explore the opportunities for AI applications at the edge and how to build an enterprise strategy to deliver them on high-performance 5G RAN.

Delivering AI-on-5G for Enterprises

Delivering Connected Intelligence to Enterprises

Join NVIDIA’s Soma Velayutham and Mavenir’s Kuntal Chowdhury at GTC21 to learn how the combination of AI and 5G’s enterprise-grade connectivity can be delivered in an enterprise environment.

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The AI-on-5G Ecosystem

AI-on-5G is supported by a large ecosystem of partners offering a range of GPU-optimized applications and by NVIDIA SDKs, toolkits, and APIs.

  • 5G vRAN

    5G vRAN

  • Smart Spaces

    Smart Spaces

  • Healthcare


  • Robotics


NVIDIA is working with network infrastructure providers (including security, virtualization, orchestration) and cloud providers to enable AI-on-5G for both on-premise and cloud. 

Fujitsu is committed to developing Open RAN solutions for global operators based on NVIDIA’s Aerial AI-on-5G and its accelerated GPU and DPU solutions. Network operators, including NTT DOCOMO, are asking for hyperconverged and software-defined 5G vRAN systems to deliver innovative solutions to their customers.

- Masaki Taniguchi, Senior VP and Head of Mobile System Business Unit, Fujitsu

AI-on-5G is transformative. Google Cloud’s industry-specific AI solutions meet scalable vertical needs. With the power of 5G, Google’s AI offering increases exponentially. We are excited to expand our work with NVIDIA to deliver AI and 5G computing at the edge with Anthos and NVIDIA’s accelerated edge technologies.

- Shailesh Shukla, Vice President and General Manager, Networking, Google Cloud

The partnership between Mavenir and NVIDIA allows both organizations the opportunity to offer innovative AI solutions that truly deliver the potential of 5G. The joint hyperconverged enterprise AI solutions from Mavenir will enable industries from healthcare to retail to Industry 4.0 to take advantage of the endless possibilities 5G has to offer.

- Kuntal Chowdhury, Senior VP and GM, AI and Analytics, Mavenir

Radisys is pleased to partner with NVIDIA on our 5G vRAN and edge computing portfolio, providing an end-to-end system integration and helping industries bring AI to life.

- Ganesh Shenbagaraman, Head of Integrated Products and Ecosystems, Radisys

Operators have a growing need for a highly distributed cloud model where real-time compute must occur at the intelligent edge. Increasingly, these edge workloads will need to be automated and enhanced with AI to scale efficiently. Wind River Studio gives customers across mission-critical industries proven optimized, pre-integrated solutions that are ready for deployment in live networks today – and accelerated with NVIDIA.

- Paul Miller, CTO, Wind River

NVIDIA Metropolis is an application framework that makes sense of the flood of data created by trillions of sensors to power new efficiencies and services. With an extensive developer ecosystem, a rich set of developer tools, and the power of NVIDIA EGX hardware, businesses can create, deploy, and scale AI and IoT applications—from edge to cloud. Metropolis partners are enabling frictionless retail, streamlined inventory management, traffic engineering, optical inspection on factory floors, and more.

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NVIDIA Clara Guardian is an application framework and a partner ecosystem that brings smart sensors and multimodal AI together to improve patient care in healthcare facilities. NVIDIA Clara partners offer smart sensor solutions with a range of intelligent video analytics and speech recognition capabilities.

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There are endless opportunities for robots to create new efficiencies and improve quality of life through industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. NVIDIA Isaac accelerates the process with enhanced robotics development, simulation, and deployment. Isaac partners offer drivers that seamlessly integrate with the Isaac SDK, part of the NVIDIA autonomous machines ecosystem.

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