Leaves of Manifold

Helena Sarin

2020-2021 / Generative Mixed Media

As a visual artist and software engineer, Helena finds inspiration in unifying patterns of nature and computation. She uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) that reveal some of these patterns and reassembles them in intriguing ways. She strives for her generative artwork to be not only interesting and aesthetically pleasing, but to reflect the characteristics of her analog art—improvised, bold, and deeply personal.

The Book

The Process

Helena Sarin

Helena Sarin

Visual artist and software engineer Helena Sarin has always worked with cutting-edge technologies for tech companies. At the same time, she has done commission work in watercolor and pastel, as well as in the applied arts like fashion, food, and drink styling and photography. But art and software ran as parallel tracks in her life, all her art being analog, until she discovered GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). As part of her postGANnism approach for the last couple years, she’s exploring how AI can be used as a tool to create physical artifacts. She’s been making artists’ books—The Book of GANesis was immediately sold out, her GANcommedia Erudita was exhibited at NVIDIAs fall 2020 GTC, and today she’s working on The Book of veGAN. To complement the veGAN pun, Helena also is experimenting with what she calls the potteryGAN—to use GAN inference as the design for functional clayware.

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