Madeline Gannon

Madeline Gannon sees robots as creatures, not things. Her work blends art, design, and robotics to invent new ways to connect with autonomous machines. Her latest performance, Other Natures, transforms 50 tonnes of industrial automation into a tamed troupe of mechanical creatures. They watch as she moves around their territory, looking for gestures and cues on how to behave. This balance between autonomy and control foreshadows the near-future realities of coexisting with intelligent robots.

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Madeline Gannon
Photo: Jay Adams

About Madeline Gannon

Dr. Madeline Gannon is a multidisciplinary designer inventing better ways to communicate with machines. Her research studio, ATONATON, blends art and technology to forge new futures in human-robot relations. Gannon holds a Ph.D in Computational Design from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master's of Architecture from Florida International University. She is a World Economic Forum Cultural Leader and a Research Fellow at both the Carnegie Mellon Studio for Creative Inquiry and the Robotics Fabrication Lab at Florida International University. | Instagram | Twitter  

Featured Sessions

Developing, Training, and Testing AI-based Robots in Simulation

We'll cover the latest features of Isaac Sim 2022.1.2 and demonstrate how to build simulation workflows centered around manipulation, navigation, and synthetic data generation. We'll feature several examples of Isaac ROS gait-enhancing and motivating systems working in a simulation.

Human-Centered Interfaces for Autonomous Machines

We'll share our recent research developing human-centered interfaces for fabrication machines. We will explain how to deploy empathic interfaces that harness a robot's body language for legible, low-level communication with non-experts. This work illustrates how human-centered design can reconfigure automation tool to enhance, augment, and expand human capabilities rather than replace them. We'll also discuss a series of computational techniques for transforming giant, industrial robots into living, breathing mechanical creatures.