Not the Only One (chatbot) with 3D avatar

Stephanie Dinkins

Stephanie Dinkins approaches AI as a space of art, technocraft, and tinkering. She advocates for nuanced technological ecosystems that center care and work toward more equitable futures for underutilized, over surveilled communities. In Not the Only One, Stephanie has transformed 40 hours of oral history into a conversational deep learning chatbot/3D avatar that’s a composite of the three women she interviewed. It all comes together in a stunning, interactive conversation that explores the stories, myths, and perspectives of her culture.

The Experience

The Process

Allison Parrish
Photo: Jay Adams

Stephanie Dinkins

Stephanie Dinkins is a transmedia artist who creates experiences that spark dialog about race, gender, aging, and our future histories. Her work in AI and other media uses emerging technologies and social collaboration to work toward technological ecosystems based on care and social equity. Dinkins' experiences with and explorations of artificial intelligence have led to a deep interest in how algorithmic systems impact communities of color in particular, and all of our futures more generally.    

Dinkins' experiments with AI have come full circle to recognize that the stories, myths, and cultural perspectives—aka data—that we hold and share form and inform society and have done so for millennia. She has concluded that our stories are our algorithms. We must value, grow, respect, and collaborate with each other's stories (data) to build care and broadly compassionate values into the technological ecosystems that increasingly support our future.

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Our stories are passed down through generations, but what if those stories are passed through neural models instead of people? Join a discussion of how language in the age of AI takes on new forms and tells new stories. Artists Stephanie Dinkins and Pindar Van Arman and Poet Allison Parrish share how the language of AI has shaped their artwork and their creative process.