Ting Song

January 25, 2022 / Peony Dream: Falling in Love / AI-Human Collaborative Painting and Glass Prisms

Traditional Chinese poetry comes to life using AI as brushes, a digital canvas, and a virtual gallery

The Experience

This artwork, Peony Dream, is Inspired by the classic Chinese play, The Peony Pavilion. Using NVIDIA StyleGAN, Sha1 algorithm, and Omniverse Kaolin, Ting Song generates a unique cyber Peony to carry people’s secret love manifesto in hashes.

The Process

Ting Song

About Ting Song

Ting Song is an AI artist and sci-fi writer. She’s the author of China’s first GAN-generated AI artwork sold by traditional art auction houses. Her 2020 individual exhibition “The Recyborg Cathedral and Bazaar” is China’s first-ever art exhibition featuring artwork created by algorithm and human.

Ting Song specializes in using AI technology to create artwork expressing her thoughts on info-tech philosophy, meta-being, and the tradition of Chinese ethnic arts. She has also worked with scientists and open-source projects to research labs in quantum computing, neuromorphic computing, and privacy computing from various countries. Her years of experience in open-source tech campaigns have shaped her influence on the community of developers.

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Meet the Omnivore

The AI artist brings traditional Chinese art to life using Adobe, Blender and Unity software—with NVIDIA Studio drivers and Omniverse apps.