PLEX Client & PLEX Media Server


PLEX is the most popular media server available. With PLEX on SHIELD TV Pro, users can host and access their own media (movies, music, photos), from virtually anywhere an internet connection is available.  Follow this link to learn more about PLEX and PLEX Media Server. 

SHIELD TV Pro comes with both PLEX client and PLEX Media Server pre-installed.

PLEX Client

With the PLEX client, you can access content served from any existing PLEX Media Server, whether it is running on a PC, a stand alone NAS with PLEX Media Server enabled, or on your NVIDIA SHIELD TV.   

Configure PLEX Client on SHIELD

  1. On a web browser, browse to
  2. Launch the PLEX app on your SHIELD TV
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the linking process
  4. In the client settings, specify the PLEX server you  want to access your media from

PLEX Media Server

PLEX Media Server on SHIELD TV supports most advanced PLEX server features in a low power (<10 W) streaming device.

Advanced PLEX server features include:

  • Real-time hardware A/V transcode
  • Read/write media on wide variety of solutions including
    • USB connected drives
    • Network accessible storage (NAS)
    • On device SHIELD storage
  • Stream live TV*
  • Record and stream local over-the-air programming onto attached or network storage*
  • Automatically back up photos and movies from iOS and Android powered mobile devices**

Configure PLEX Media Server on SHIELD

  1. Follow the instruction to set up the PLEX client on SHIELD, making sure to check the option to "Enable Plex Media Server"
  2. Once the client is set up, from a PC, phone or tablet, open the plex web app (  Note:  Device must be on the same network as your SHIELD.
  3. Under servers, look for the new SHIELD Android TV server available
  4. In the web browser follow the instructions to complete the setup

For additional information on PLEX Media server on SHIELD follow this link