NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation

Experience Quadro computing performance from the cloud.

Enterprise Workloads Are Moving to the Cloud

Today’s enterprise needs the power of a workstation and the flexibility of cloud computing. With workloads becoming increasingly compute-intensive and a constantly growing need for mobility and collaboration, more workloads are being migrated to the cloud. Cloud-based workstations, paired with traditional on-premises infrastructure, give an enterprise the flexibility and business agility to stay competitive.

NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation

Deploy a cloud based virtual workstation in 5 minutes

The NVIDIA virtual machine image (VMI) has the latest GPU virtualization software preinstalled and always has the latest Quadro drivers and Quadro ISV certifications. The virtualization software runs on select NVIDIA GPUs based on Pascal or Turing architectures in the cloud so you can render compelling visualizations and faster simulations, from anywhere.

Why GPU-Accelerated Cloud Computing?

NVIDIA Workstation Performance


NVIDIA GPUs power high-performance simulation, rendering, and design. Leverage RTX technology with support for NVIDIA T4.

Quadro ISV Certifications

ISV Certifications

Get proven NVIDIA Quadro benefits from the cloud and leverage Quadro ISV certifications.

IT Speed and Agility

IT Speed and Agility

Set-up a GPU-accelerated virtual workstation in minutes, without having to manage endpoints or back-end infrastructure.

Flexibility in the Cloud

Flexibility in the Cloud

Scale up and down as your business needs change and pay for only what you use based on hourly usage.



Your NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation image is always optimized with the latest patches and upgrades.

Enterprise-Grade Security


Enjoy Quadro performance with the confidence of secure access from anywhere, with high availability.

GPU-Accelerated Cloud Computing is Transforming Industries



Collaborate in real-time on designs with the control to adjust consumption based on cyclical project demands.



Run CAD/CAE apps with enhanced IP security on cloud-based workstations plus have the flexibility to provision the right level of resources for each user.

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

By managing on-demand resources, major and independent studios can be more flexible and agile, and easily scale up and down for productions.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Geologists, geophysicists, and engineers can run complex 3D data visualizations from the cloud, on any device.

...easily interact with simulations in real-time….resulting in significant cost and time reductions…

—Justin Hendrickson, Director, Product Management at ANSYS

...nearly twice the performance…

—Nikola Bozinovic, General Manager, Nutanix Frame

...quickly deployed to visualize applications remotely with the exceptional performance of the PCoIP protocol…

—David Smith, CEO, Teradici

...same Quadro experience on-demand and from anywhere…

—Alvaro Calandra, Consultant and Adobe Certified Master Instructor, ElCanal.com

...rich visual apps to any user’s digital workspace...productive from anywhere.

—Sridhar Mullapudi, Senior Vice President of Product, Citrix



    Understand your application workloads and user requirements.

    Understand which workloads are best suited for the cloud and which are not.

    Map business priorities to technology offerings. Deploy virtual desktops using DaaS providers for scale or cloud workstations for high performance.

    For cloud workstations, choose to bring your own virtual GPU software licenses to the cloud or buy an NVIDIA instance from Microsoft Azure marketplace and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) marketplace. Configure your virtual machine instance with the GPU, vCPU, memory, and storage you need. To get users up and running, all IT needs to do is install applications.


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