The Proven Combination
for Exceptional Designs
NVIDIA and CATIA. The Proven Combination for Exceptional Designs.

CATIA Live Rendering, NVIDIA Iray, and Quadro let designers try out design iterations while photorealistically viewing the impact of their design decisions interactively, without having to wait for renders. This enables more accurate and predictable design visualization and more effective review meetings. Because designers can leverage this technology as part of their usual workflow, they can also explore more design concepts in less time with the confidence that they're seeing a lifelike, photorealistic virtual product. By installing NVIDIA Iray Server distributed rendering software, CATIA Live Rendering users can further reduce the time for creating challenging images by scaling Iray rendering across all network-connected workstations. The recently released Quadro GV100 offers unparalleled rendering speed for the fastest interactive visualization of complex, photoreal scenes.

Screenshot of CATIA workspace

In addition, support for NVIDIA Quadro Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) hardware was introduced in CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE R2015x. Quadro VCA is the fastest way to create photorealistic images. CATIA Live Rendering users can leverage this network attached appliance (or multiple daisy-chained VCAs) to massively accelerate the time to noiseless physically-based global illumination.

Car rendered with CATIA

With complex add-on programs and long wait times, photorealistic rendering used to be reserved for styling and marketing only. Today, realistic models are a necessity for designers and engineers to enable more accurate and faster decisions throughout the entire process. The integration of NVIDIA Iray within CATIA means designers and engineers can now engage in interactive, photorealistic team reviews for rapid and effective decision making. With the power of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, you can seamlessly walk through photorealistic scale models and modify them on the fly if necessary.

Car mirror rendered with CATIA

Review and change materials interactively using lifelike material libraries. Visualize reflections and refraction effects to see how different materials will look and interact with one another before materials are ordered and prototypes are built.

Perfume bottle rendered with CATIA

With CATIA Live Rendering, stunningly accurate images are ready for prime time as soon as the design is done. Go right from the 3D model to the photorealistic representation of the product for use, as-is, in marketing or training materials.

Cellphone design rendered with CATIA