NVIDIA GPU Chosen for Compaq Commercial and Consumer Lines

NVIDIA's GeForce2 GTS Graphics Available in Compaq Deskpro and Presario Products

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SANTA CLARA, CA — October 19, 2000 — NVIDIA® Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) today announced that Compaq Computer Corporation offers the NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS graphics processor to buyers of the Compaq Presario 7000 Consumer PC and Deskpro EXS Edition commercial products. The GeForce2 GTS, one of the several NVIDIA-based graphics processors featured in the Presario 7000 Series, can be ordered at Compaq's "Built for You" kiosks, via the web at www.compaq.com, or by telephone at 1.800.888.0220. The high-power NVIDIA graphics system is also available as an option in Deskpro models that can be purchased through Compaq's website, Partner Direct or agent programs.

"We are excited about working with Compaq to provide their commercial and home PC customers with the impressive visual experience delivered by the GeForce2 GTS," states Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of sales at NVIDIA. "By offering this dynamic processor to PC users, Compaq elevates the standard and defies the traditional boundaries for PC graphics."

Compaq Presario Series
Compaq's Presario series offers maximum power to home and home office users demanding fast Internet exploration as well as high performance in multimedia applications. The Compaq Presario line features AMD Athlon and Intel Pentium® III processors with speeds ranging from 850 MHz to 1 GHz, memory configurations up to 348 MB, a choice of Microsoft Home or Small Business applications, and a standard NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS. NVIDIA's GeForce2 GTS graphics platform integrates the world's fastest graphics processing unit with radical per-pixel shading features to give enthusiasts the ultimate performance and quality when using the latest in games, business software and multimedia applications.

Compaq Deskpro Series
Compaq's Deskpro series, for enterprise customers and growing businesses, combines manageability, serviceability, and performance in an aggressively priced desktop PC. Available in either a desktop or minitower chassis, the Deskpro EXS is designed with flexibility in mind. It features Intel® Celeron™ and Pentium® III processors with speeds ranging from 566 MHz to 1 GHz, memory configurations up to 512 MB, a choice of pre-installed Microsoft Office applications, and a variety of component options including the NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS. By using the GeForce2 GTS, customers will benefit from increased productivity from the current and future generations of office and multimedia applications. In addition, NVIDIA's unified driver architecture makes it easy for corporations to keep systems current with the latest graphics software technology.

The computing industry recognizes NVIDIA as the global leader in advanced graphics processing technology, honoring the company with the most graphics awards in the history of the PC industry. PC OEMs, add-in card manufacturers, system builders, and consumer electronics companies worldwide choose NVIDIA GPUs as the core component of their graphics processing solutions. NVIDIA GPUs are used by large corporations, small- to medium-sized businesses, and home-based consumers. NVIDIA graphics processors deliver superior performance and crisp visual quality for PC-based applications such as manufacturing, science, e-business, entertainment, and education. For more information, please visit the Company's web site at http://www.nvidia.com.

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