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NVIDIA Drives HDTV Solution to the Mainstream Market


NVIDIA and Ravisent HDTV Solution Enables Premium Quality, Cost-Effective HDTV Playback for the PC
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COMDEX '99 – LAS VEGAS – NOVEMBER 15, 1999 – NVIDIA™ Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) today announced it will demonstrate a new, industry leading software HDTV solution at Fall Comdex, Las Vegas, November 15-19, 1999. Combining its latest graphics architecture with Ravisent's CineMaster HDTV software decoder, NVIDIA is the first company to enable this powerful capability, providing PC OEMs with a high-quality HDTV playback solution at a lower price point than comparative hardware-based solutions.

"HDTV is one of the most exciting developments of the new millenium," said Dan Vivoli, vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. "NVIDIA intends to lead the way by offering all the pieces for cost-effective DTV equipped PCs. This exciting new digital platform will make the transition to HDTV on the PC easier and faster for our PC OEMs and their customers."

NVIDIA GPU Architecture Enables Hardware and Software HDTV Solutions
Ravisent's CineMaster HDTV software, when combined with the powerful HDTV motion comp (MC) engine based on NVIDIA's GeForce 256 architecture, delivers full-quality decode and display of all HDTV formats. This includes the 720 progressive format (720p) at 60 frames per second and the 1080 interlaced format (1080i) at 30 frames per second on any of today's high-performance, mainstream CPUs.

"Without NVIDIA's GPU architecture, the CineMaster HDTV software solution would require a processor not yet available today to decode all HDTV resolutions at an acceptable rate," said Mike Harris, co-founder and chief technology officer at Ravisent. "With their powerful HDTV MC engine, NVIDIA has allowed us to decode and display 720p and 1080i across a number of high performance processors offered today.

The NVIDIA/Ravisent CineMaster HDTV software solution is being demonstrated in the Intel booth # LN109 in the LVCC, the Ravisent suite, located at the MGM Grand, and at NVIDIA's booth #N111 at the LVCC. 
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