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NVIDIA nForce Platform Processing Architecture Garners Industry Acclaim


nForce Platform Processing Architecture Earns Rave Reviews from PC System Builders Industry OEMs and Motherboard Manufacturers

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SANTA CLARA, CA — FEBRUARY 25, 2002 - NVIDIA® Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) today announced that its nForce™ Platform Processing Architecture is quickly becoming the PC platform of choice for many of the industry’s leading motherboard manufacturers, PC OEMs and system builders worldwide.  In addition, NVIDIA has been recognized by the worldwide editorial community for its nForce design, and lauded for leading technological innovation in the PC platform and integrated graphics space.

“Falcon Northwest has implemented nForce as the standard platform for every system in our Talon line of gaming PCs,” said Kelt Reeves, president of Falcon Northwest. “nForce not only provides our clients with incredible graphics and sound capabilities at a huge cost savings, but its optimized memory architecture and integration of the AMD® HyperTransport™ bus technology provides a significant performance boost to every model in the Talon line. Whether utilizing nForce’s integrated graphics and sound, or using it as a platform to showcase NVIDIA’s newest Graphics Processing Units, nForce provides benefits at every level.”

NVIDIA’s nForce product family, which consists of 420-D, 415-D, 220-D and 220 processors, is positioned to continue its rapid acceptance in various markets due to its tight integration of core components and innovative technologies. With its integrated platform processors and innovative system, memory, networking and audio technologies, the nForce architecture is primed to deliver the ultimate in performance and functionality for a variety of different markets including desktop PCs, home entertainment hubs, and digital living rooms, complete with home theater surround sound and fast broadband connectivity.  To date, the nForce platform has been adopted by more than 100 leading motherboard manufacturers, PC OEMs and system builders including: Micro-Star International (MSI™), ASUSTek Computer Inc., ABIT Computer Corporation,, Fijitsu-Siemens, Falcon Northwest, Atlas Micro®, and Alienware®, with more major PC OEM announcements forthcoming shortly. 

“With its high level of integration, innovative features, and superior performance, nForce is becoming the de facto standard for AMD-based PCs,” said Jeff Fisher, executive vice president of sales at NVIDIA. “nForce is the perfect complement to the AMD Athlon XP and Duron CPUs, and end users who desire the utmost in system performance and flexibility are drawn to nForce’s unique features and pricing.”

In addition, the nForce architecture has been reviewed by more than 100 magazines, newspapers and Web sites globally, each recognizing nForce for its unique blending of graphics, system, audio, and networking technologies and performance. To date, nForce motherboards and nForce-based PCs have won more than 25 Editor’s Choice Awards including “Motherboard of the Year” award from AMD World, “Innovative Product of the Year” from, and a perfect four-star review from Computer Power User magazine.

“If there was one phrase that would best summarize NVIDIA’s nForce it would be ‘raising the bar,’ since that’s exactly what it does,” said Anand Lal Shimpi of AnandTech, a leading technology Web site. “The introduction of the nForce and the subsequent assimilation into the market raises the bar in many areas; audio, video and integrated chipsets in general.” 

NVIDIA’s nForce is comprised of two platform processors: the nForce Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) or System Platform Processor (SPP) and the nForce Media and Communications Processor (MCP). Both the nForce IGP, nForce SPP and nForce MCP feature built-in support for AMD’s HyperTransport interconnect technology, delivering the highest continuous throughput between the two platform processors. Additionally, both the IGP and MCP have underlying technologies that, when combined into a single, balanced architecture, substantially increase overall system performance.

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