NVIDIA Signs on as Title Sponsor of Indie Games Con '03

Company to Guest Lecture at 2nd Annual Gathering of Independent Game Developers

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EUGENE, OR – OCTOBER 8, 2003 – GarageGames today announced that NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, has signed on as a premier sponsor of Indie Games Con (IGC) ’03 to be held October 10-12 in Eugene, OR.  As a returning sponsor of the annual gathering of independent game developers, NVIDIA is lending hardware support and its expert knowledge by hosting guest lectures at the event.

“The independent games development community is made up of some of the brightest new talent in the industry.  They’re eager to push the boundaries of technology and aren’t afraid to take risks,” said Bill Rehbock, director of developer relations at NVIDIA.  “By supporting grassroots events like Indie Games Con ’03, we have an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate our latest technologies and interact directly with the innovators of this community.”

For the event, NVIDIA is providing PCs with the latest GeForce™ FX graphics processing units (GPUs) to give event attendees the best computing platforms for showing off their creations.   Key representatives from NVIDIA will also be on hand to deliver training sessions on 3D programming and content development using the newest software technologies and high-level shading languages.

“IGC is a fun, informal and informative summit that brings together a community of like-minded developers with a shared goal of collaboration and building independent game development,” said Jeff Tunnell, president of GarageGames.  “We’re thrilled that NVIDIA has again pledged its support for this event, as it really shows NVIDIA understands the importance of fostering a strong independent game development community.”

The 2-day event will be held at the Mallard Banquet Hall in Eugene, Oregon, from October 10-12.  For more information about IGC, or to register for the event, please visit www.indiegamescon.com.

NVIDIA Corporation is a market leader in visual computing technology dedicated to creating products that enhance the interactive experience on consumer and professional computing platforms. Its graphics and communications processors have broad market reach and are incorporated into a wide variety of computing platforms, including consumer digital-media PCs, enterprise PCs, professional workstations, digital content creation systems, notebook PCs, military navigation systems and video game consoles. NVIDIA is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and employs more than 1,700 people worldwide.  For more information, visit the Company’s Web site at www.nvidia.com.

About GarageGames
Located in Eugene, Oregon, GarageGames (www.garagegames.com) is a trail-blazing on-line game publisher. Their mission is to provide independent game makers with tools, technology, education, team-building information…and, even the market they need to make and sell great games. GarageGames is most famous for bringing the Torque Game Engine, the technology behind Sierra's "Tribes 2," to independent developers for only $100.

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