Adobe Premiere Pro cs5.5
Unleash your creativity in the editing suite.
Whether you are producing independent films, editing stories for broadcast or working on corporate videos, odds are you're under tight deadlines and stringent budget constraints. With NVIDIA Quadro® graphics solutions and Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5.5, your editing time can be drastically reduced without sacrificing quality, and at a fraction of the cost of proprietary post production systems.

At the heart of Premiere Pro CS5.5 is the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, built using the NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel processing architecture. Accelerated by both Quadro and NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs, you get real-time previewing and editing of native, high-resolution footage, including multiple layers of RED 4K video.

With a wide selection of solutions now available, including the new NVIDIA® Maximus™ configurations available from leading systems providers that feature both Quadro and Tesla GPUs in a single workstation, you can get maximum effects, rendering power and fluid, real-time video editing from a range of platforms and feel confident to work your magic in front of any client.
Behind the scences of Adobe TV, the production team relies on NVIDA Quadro GPUs to meet their deadlines and deliver broadcast quality HD shows every week.

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New NVIDIA Maximus powered workstations deliver the fastest effects and most fluid Adobe Premier Pro workflows possible. These innovative workstations allow Premier Pro to harness not only the graphics capability of Quadro GPUs, but also the tremendous parallel processing power of Tesla GPUs.

For more information visit the Maximus workstation page.

See how you can edit more layers and effects in real-time with NVIDIA Maximus technology.

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    Faster Editing
  • With Premiere Pro CS5.5 get even more NVIDIA GPU-accelerated effects including: fast blur effect, film dissolve transition and accelerated media preparation.
  • With 6 GB of graphics memory, the Quadro 6000 and NVIDIA Maximus™ powered systems enables you to build projects using complex, raw, 4K RED footage.
  • Get real-time performance enabling you to refine and apply multiple color corrections and effects in SD, HD, 2K, and higher resolutions, with smooth scrubbing and playback.
  • Experience rich, vivid image quality with 30-bit color fidelity.
    More Options
  • Take advantage of Premiere Pro CS5.5 from a full range of platforms, including Maximus systems, mobile and desktop workstations, desktop PCs and Apple Mac Pro.
  • Immerse yourself in a true stereoscopic 3D, collaborative visualization experience, and see remarkable detail with NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Pro solutions and Cineform Neo3D.
  • Span across multiple ultra-high resolution displays, including SDI monitors and projectorsi.
i SDI available with Quadro GPUs and either Quadro Digital Video Pipeline solutions or third party SDI products that use NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video technology. Check with your preferred SDI board manufacturer to confirm support.
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The following Adobe qualified solutions are GPU accelerated with Premiere Pro CS5.5:
Desktop Workstation Solutions Mobile Workstation Solutions
Quadro 6000
>  6GB / 448 CUDA Cores
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Quadro 5010M
>  4 GB / 384 CUDA Cores
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Quadro 5000
> 2.5 GB / 352 CUDA Cores
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Quadro 4000M
>  2 GB / 336 CUDA Cores
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Quadro 4000
> 2 GB / 256 CUDA Cores
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Quadro 3000M
>  2 GB / 240 CUDA Cores
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Quadro 4000 Mac
> 2 GB / 256 CUDA Cores
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Quadro 2000M
>  2 GB / 192 CUDA Cores
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Quadro 2000
> 2 GB / 256 CUDA Cores
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Tesla C2075
> 6 GB / 448 CUDA Cores
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> See the full list of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 certified NVIDIA GPUs.
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Featured GPU Accelerated Plugins
Red Gaint GenArts CineForm Boris FX
Pro Dad The Foundry

* Adobe Premier Pro results obtained from 5 layers 6 effects per layer output to H.264 on a Dell T7500, 48 GB, Windows 7 at 1440 x 1080 resolution. Price performance calculated using cost per system and number of clips possible per hour.