Autodesk Flame

Autodesk Flame Premium 2014, powered by NVIDIA GPUs

Fuel your Flame with the Quadro K6000

Autodesk® Flame® Premium gives you a whole new way to effectively supervise projects and perform creative tasks in an artist-driven 3D visual effects environment. It's innovative visual effects, real-time color-grading and editorial finishing post-production software designed to empower digital artists to do more, faster.

Now, the ultimate tool for the ultimate artist just got faster; Flame Premium 2014 has been certified on the powerful new NVIDIA® Quadro® K6000.

The Quadro K6000 is the world's most powerful pro graphics card, delivering the incredible parallel-processing horsepower of 2880 NVIDIA CUDA® cores and superior memory capacity to bring out the best in Flame Premium 2014. Quadro K6000 was built for tackling large visual projects and features:

  • 12 GB of on-board memory
  • Advanced display capabilities for large-scale visualization and support for a large number of high-resolution layers
  • PCIe 3.0 technology that's almost twice as fast as PCIe 2.0 hardware

This means you can now load larger batch setups with more textures in memory, improving overall system performance and interactivity.

Video: NVIDIA Quadro K6000 boosts Autodesk Flame (02:30)

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NVIDIA-Certified GPU