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Media and Entertainment

GPU Accelerated Media and Entertainment Pro Apps

Designed and built by NVIDIA specifically for professional workstations, NVIDIA® Quadro® and Tesla® GPUs power more than 100 media and entertainment applications. Professionals count on these solutions to deliver incredibly fast performance, as well as unique capabilities like low-latency video i/o with a range of third-party interfaces, advanced stereo capabilities, and support for up to four 4K display systems.

NVIDIA DesignWorks

NVIDIA DesignWorks™ is a unique suite of tools and technologies designed specifically for developers creating professional graphics and advanced rendering applications. NVIDIA also delivers groundbreaking solutions for VR from building VR content to powering immersive experiences, NVIDIA VR-ready GPUs and NVIDIA VRWorks™ bring virtual experiences to life.

Download the latest Quadro-certified driver.


Brain Farm


Brain Farm uses NVIDIA Quadro to Tackle 4K Workflows
Learn why Brain Farm relies on Quadro to work with high resolution 4k, 5k and 6k content in real-time, while saving time and money.