NVIDIA: The Game Developer's Best Friend


Developers across the floor were glowing about the close support and help NVIDIA offered its clients. As more and more developers join the ranks of NVIDIA-powered products, the closer NVIDIA representatives and engineers move to work with their customers. Tim Sweeney was especially pleased with the level of support and aid NVIDIA's engineers gave Epic's team.

"We talk with them on a daily basis and as we optimize code we ask for their feedback and help, and they're always there for us," Sweeney remarked. "NVIDIA has put in a ton of optimizations to help our development."

Taylor had more praise to lavish upon NVIDIA's involvement with their development team. "We're very excited with the future now," he admitted. "We're working with NVIDIA to create the hottest, newest, most impressive graphics available in the shortest amount of time. Our technology is based on the cutting edge features that the GeForce4 cards offer, and our upcoming products will stay in step with NVIDIA's technology."

The Game Developers Conference featured plenty of talks and seminars by the NVIDIA engineering team working in close conjunction with Microsoft's DirectX team to provide the most detailed and cutting edge effects available. Their tutorials ranged from graphics performance rendering pipelines to Direct3D and OpenGL sessions, explaining in detail how developers could enable the hottest special effects and features into their upcoming titles.

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