Advanced Rendering

Rendering your Reality
Rendering your Reality
NVIDIA® Iray® is a highly interactive and intuitive physically based rendering technology that generates photorealistic imagery by simulating the physical behavior of light and materials. Unlike traditional production renderers, Iray delivers results reflecting real-world behaviors. Designers don't need expert knowledge of computer graphics techniques to quickly achieve photorealistic results.

Iray progressively refines its image until completion, providing consistent results from interactive editing to final frame. It's a highly predictive approach that marries with the scalable, world-class performance across NVIDIA GPUs to give constant feedback and rapid results. This slashes the time needed to perfect scenes and deliver images rivaling photographs.



Who is Iray for?

Iray is primarily for designers and visual effects artists working with 3D content who require predictable photorealistic imagery. It delivers immediate visual feedback that results in stunning imagery for everything from architecture, engineering, and design to marketing and advertising visual effects.


Iray-compatible applications

Iray is available as the rendering engine in many popular 3D content-creation applications. Together with our software integration partners, we've created state-of-the-art workflows that give customers access to photorealistic and physically based rendering.

The following list of applications covers a wide range of industries and platforms:

Iray products from NVIDIA for



Distributed rendering software



Integrated solutions for Iray


Dassault Systèmes CATIA

CATIA establishes a paradigm shift in PLM for system engineering by providing multi-discipline dynamic behavior modeling and simulation. CATIA with Iray rendering technology is fully integrated in the CATIA Live Rendering Workbench. Learn more about CATIA >


Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design software provides powerful, integrated 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing that enable artists and designers to more quickly ramp up for production. Iray is seamlessly integrated into 3ds Max as a rendering mode of mental ray and is available for rendering with ActiveShade. Learn more about Autodesk 3ds Max >

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DAZ Studio

DAZ 3D has integrated Iray into DAZ Studio, its free 3D software suite in use by over 2 million artists. This combination gives users access to DAZ's portfolio of tens of thousands of high-quality, morphable, fully rigged figures, and the ability to create photo-realistic images with a state-of-the art, physically based, GPU-accelerated render engine. Learn more about DAZ 3D >



Bunkspeed Shot™, Move™, Drive™ and Pro™ Suite are consistent, physically correct, hybrid, real-time creative 3D rendering solutions that harness the power of both CPUs and GPUs. Developed with Iray rendering technology, they empower the creative digital designer in product design, graphic arts, architecture design, and animation to quickly explore design concepts. Now, they can communicate their intent with beautifully rendered output in single images and animation. Learn more about Bunkspeed >



BloomUnit is a solution enabling SketchUp users to interactively create photorealistic results using Iray, with the flexibility and convenience of cloud computing. Learn more about BloomUnit >

Iray for Developers

NVIDIA Iray is designed for seamless integration into any 3D content creation application using an intuitive SDK.

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Our partners at Lightwork Design offer Iray+, which delivers first-class 3D visualization technology of Iray directly within your CAD, point-of-sale, or any custom application. Lightworks provides technology and services for seamless software integration, making Iray easily accessible to any application developer. The Lightworks team works with you to determine your specific visualization needs and build the ideal custom Iray+ solution. Learn more about Iray+ >