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Iray® is the world's first GPU accelerated and physically correct, photo-realistic rendering solution. When combined with the parallel processing power of the latest NVIDIA® GPUs, Iray achieves interactive speeds that dramatically reduce the iterative creative process of perfecting a scene. Unlike most production renderers, Iray delivers results that reflect real-world behaviors, liberating designers from needing expert knowledge of computer graphics techniques to achieve photo-realistic results.

The Iray "push-button" rendering approach marries ease of use during scene setup with the highest quality photorealistic final frame output and interactive performance. Iray also progressively refines the image until maximum fine detail is reached, providing a single process which combines interactive pre-visualization and final frame rendering.

Iray takes full advantage of the CUDA™ programming model, allowing interactive previewing on both single and multiple NVIDIA GPU systems.

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Products with Iray rendering
Dassault Systems CATIA V6
CATIA V6 establishes a paradigm shift in PLM for system engineering by providing multi-discipline dynamic behavior modeling and simulation. CATIA V6R2011x now is shipped with Iray rendering technology though the CATIA Live Rendering Workbench.

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AutoDesk Autodesk 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design
Autodesk® 3ds Max® software provides powerful, integrated 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing that enable artists and designers to more quickly ramp up for production. Iray is a rendering mode beginning with the 2011 subscription release of 3ds Max.

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Bunkspeed Bunkspeed
Bunkspeed SHOT™, MOVE™ and PRO™ are the world's first consistent, physically correct, hybrid, real-time creative 3D rendering solutions that harness the power of the GPU. Integrated with Iray rendering technology, Bunkspeed applications are a combination of unprecedented power, elegance and accuracy.

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Iray for Maya Iray for Maya
IrayforMaya developed by [0x1] is a standalone plugin for Autodesk Maya® that brings interactive and batch Iray rendering capabilities to the Maya community. The latest Iray features such as MDL materials and Light Path Expressions are supported in IrayforMaya. Contact [0x1] directly for product licensing and support details. IrayforMaya also takes advantage of NVIDIA VCA

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At2 Cinema 4D
m4d is a standalone plugin to MAXON Cinema 4D that integrates mental ray and Iray. m4d is developed by at².

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Software developers can license the Iray SDK to bring Iray rendering technology inside their products and custom solutions. Using the SDK, developers can easily integrate Iray into a wide range of applications that need photorealistic, physically correct and interactive renderings for architectural, industrial and automotive design and styling to product marketing visual effects.

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Lightworks Iray+ Lightworks Iray+
Lightworks is a world-leading provider of professional 3D visualization solutions with a reputation built upon excellence in software development and expert integration services. Lightworks' offers Iray+ which enables application developers easy access to the Iray rendering solution. With their intuitive API, Lightworks enables seamless integration of Iray+ by providing technology and services to access photorealistic visualization in a quick and cost efficient manner. The Lightworks team works hand in hand with you to ascertain your specific visualization needs to build a custom Iray+ solution. Learn More
miGenius miGenius
miGenius provides integration development services specializing in cloud applications. Please contact miginius to discuss your requirements and find out more about custom web application development services with Iray rendering technology. Learn More