Seismic Exploration


The oil and gas industry is using ever more computationally intensive seismic algorithms such as Kirchhoff Time and Depth Migration (KTM, and KDM), Wave Equation Migration (WEM), Spectral Inversion, and Reverse Time Migration (RTM) in the search for energy reserves. These applications are seeing significant acceleration using GPUs. Tesla GPUs have been deployed into production to accelerate seismic processing at various oil majors like Schlumberger, Chevron, TOTAL, Petrobras, Repsol, etc.

Key ISV and Applications using GPUs for Seismic Processing

ISV/Application GPU accelerated features Expected Speed up
Acceleware – Paradigm RTM Seismic Imaging 4-20x
Paradigm Echos, SKUA, VoxelGeo Seismic Imaging, Interpretation, Reservoir Modeling
Tsunami A2011 Seismic Imaging
PanoramaTech: Marvel Seismic Modeling, Imaging, Inversion
GeoMage Multifocusing Seismic Imaging
Seismic City RTM Seismic Imaging
GeoStar RTM Seismic Imaging

Chevron Schlumberger Total Petrobras

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