SLI Compatible Systems


Only the systems listed below are Quadro SLI Certified. To maintain Quadro premium quality standards, a system cannot be configured as a Quadro SLI-enabled unless it has gone through and passed NVIDIA testing.

Quadro SLI provides three features on all supported platforms:

All the boards and systems listed in the table below support SLI on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux. Windows XP support is available only with the Quadro 5000 and 6000.

System Provider System Model Quadro GPU
    Quadro K6000 Quadro 6000 Quadro K5000 Quadro 5000
HP Z820 Coming Soon x x x
Z620   x x x
Z800   x   x
Dell Precision R7610   x x  
Precision T7600   x x x
Precision T5600   x x x
Precision T3600     x x
Precision T7500   x   x
Lenovo ThinkStation D30   x x x
ThinkStation C30   x x x
ThinkStation D20   x   x
ThinkStation C20       x
FTS Celsius R930 x   x  
Celsius R920 x   x  
Celsius M730 x   x  
Celsius M720 x   x