Generative AI

Gen AI on RTX PCs Developer Contest

Enter to win a GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, a GTC conference in-person pass, and more.

This contest ran from January 8, 2024 to February 23, 2024.  Developers were asked to build next innovative generative AI projects using NVIDIA® TensorRT™ or TensorRT-LLM on Windows PC with NVIDIA RTX™ systems for a chance to win an RTX 4090 GPU, a GTC conference pass, and more.

A team of NVIDIA experts reviewed the projects and we are honored to announce the winners:

Congratulations to the winners!


Project Name Participant Name Demo Video Link to Project
OutlookLLM Francisco Gonzalez-Blanch LINK LINK
CLARA Matthew Yaeger LINK LINK
RocketLeague BotChat Brian Caffey LINK LINK

Honorable Mentions

Project Name Participant Name Demo Video Link to Project
Nexus Studio Tim Xia LINK LINK
LLMs In Gaming James Deucher LINK LINK Phan Truong LINK LINK
Agenerative Bryan Etzine LINK LINK
Turtle AR Bilal Khan LINK LINK
Pod-Helper Muhtasham Oblokulov LINK LINK
KiteWind-RTX Grant Stafford LINK LINK
Chat with website on browser extension Quoc Sang Tran LINK LINK
TensorRT Flashcard Heidi Gurung LINK LINK
UltraFastMangaTranslator Fabrice Mille LINK LINK
InboxGenius Peidong Xuan LINK LINK
Speech to Image Kristian Fagerlie LINK LINK
KaraamAI - Simplifying Project Documentation review on Atlassian Confluence with llama 2 and TensorRT-LLM Mustapha Unubi Momoh LINK LINK
Technical Interview with NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM on Windows PC with NVIDIA RTX Jamil Brian Palma Salazar LINK LINK
Chat With RTX 0.2 - Webserver for Chat With RTX [local-llm-api-server] Kurt Heiden LINK LINK
Windows based self/C-RAG Augmented with web search Seyed Arash Sheikholeslam LINK LINK
Home Archive: Empowering Families with Private GenAI Tarun Kumar Chawdhury LINK LINK
Nvidia tensorRT contest demo Omar Andres Cuadrado Gutierrez LINK LINK
TravelerEye 聖 渡邉 LINK LINK
Sketch To Realistic Image Generation Tharakarama Reddy Yernapalli Sreenivasulu LINK LINK
TailorMyResume - Resume Tailoring Chatbot: LLM with NVIDIA TensorRT Optimization Srinivas Pavan Singh Runval LINK LINK

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AI Chatbot With Retrieval-Augmented Generation Running Locally

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