NVIDIA Base Command Manager Essentials

Streamline infrastructure provisioning, workload management, and resource monitoring with software built to manage AI data centers.

What Is Base Command Manager Essentials?

Built for data science, NVIDIA Base Command™ Manager Essentials provides all the tools you need to deploy and manage an AI data center. It helps organizations orchestrate AI workloads and tools with Kubernetes and perform dynamic scaling and policy-based resource allocation. It also reports on hardware usage by project or application, enabling chargeback and accounting. It is available exclusively with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, an enterprise-grade AI software platform.

Explore the Benefits of Base Command Manager Essentials

Infrastructure Provisioning

Installs the OS, sets up networking, security, and DNS, and ensures cluster integrity. Automates server management and updates, preventing server drift.

User Access and Workload Management

Deploys Kubernetes, automates scaling, and enables streamlined Jupyter setup with NVIDIA NGC™ containers. Run:ai integration is included.

Resource Monitoring

Provides comprehensive cluster and job monitoring, GPU metrics, resource allocation, access control, and chargeback options.

Base Command Manager Essentials is available exclusively with NVIDIA AI Enterprise. A version of Base Command Manager is also included with NVIDIA DGX systems.

Try Base Command Manager Essentials on your own on-premises systems with a free 90-day evaluation license for NVIDIA AI Enterprise.