Meet AIVA, an AI music composer trained on thousands of scores of music, with a mission to empower individuals by creating their own personalized soundtracks.

The Tracks

Playlist: Landing on Mars, Random Access Memory, 4-32.vACCESS_DENIED_99161.wav, Euphoria  

Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist-Composed Music  

The Experience

The Process


About Pierre Barreau

Pierre is co-founder and CEO of AIVA, the artificial intelligence composing emotional soundtrack music. As a computer scientist, award-nominated film director, and registered composer, Pierre leads the company towards its vision: empowering individuals by creating personalized soundtracks with AIVA. 

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About Denis Shtefan

Denis is co-founder and CTO of AIVA. As a published researcher and composer, Denis is leading the research and development efforts to solve the most challenging problems in the fast-evolving field of creative and personalized music generation using AI technologies.



Featured Sessions

Music Making Workshop

This year, we're inviting the team from AIVA to lead a workshop using their web-based music app. You'll learn about how the app works, tips for getting the best results, and applications for AI-generated music.