Real-Time AI at the Edge

Communicate with customers in real time. Adapt quickly as data flows from billions of sensors, from factory floors to store aisles. Instantaneously diagnose diseases and provide life-saving patient care. All of this is possible—smart retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and cities—with today's powerful AI and the NVIDIA EGX platform, which brings the power of accelerated AI computing to the edge.

High Performance and Scalable

EGX starts with the tiny NVIDIA® Jetson Nano, which in a few watts can provide one-half trillion operations per second (TOPS) of processing for tasks such as image recognition. And it spans all the way to a full rack of NVIDIA T4 servers, delivering more than 10,000 TOPS to serve hundreds of users for real-time speech recognition and other complex AI experiences.

Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud IoT

NVIDIA EGX is architecturally compatible with NVIDIA AI computing offered by major clouds. AI applications developed in the cloud can run on NVIDIA EGX and vice versa. NVIDIA Edge Stack connects to major cloud IoT services, and customers can remotely manage their service from AWS IoT Greengrass and Microsoft Azure IoT Edge.

Enterprise Grade and Secure

NVIDIA Edge Stack has been optimized on Red Hat OpenShift, the leading enterprise-grade Kubernetes container orchestration platform. Mellanox Smart NICs can offload and accelerate software defined networking to enable  a higher level of isolation and security without impacting CPU performance.

At Seagate, we have deployed an intelligent edge GPU-based vision solution in our manufacturing plants to inspect the quality of our hard disk read-and-write heads. The NVIDIA EGX platform dramatically accelerates inference at the edge, allowing us to see subtle defects that human operators haven’t been able to see in the past. We expect to realize up to a 10 percent improvement in manufacturing throughput and up to 300 percent ROI from improved efficiency and better quality.

— Bruce King, Senior Principal Data Scientist, Seagate Technology

AI is fundamental to achieving precision health and must be pervasively available from the cloud to the edge and directly on medical devices. NVIDIA’s EGX enables GE Healthcare to deliver rapid MR acquisition times, improves image quality, and reduces variability by embedding NVIDIA T4 GPUs directly into our medical devices—all to further our goal of improving patient outcomes. Real-time, critical care use cases demand AI at the edge. This is why we created our Edison intelligence offering and partnered with NVIDIA to bring AI into our medical devices and Edison edge appliances—and why we are working with ACR AI-LAB to democratize AI.

— Jason Polzin, PhD, General Manager of MR Applications at GE Healthcare

Red Hat is committed to providing a consistent experience for any workload, footprint, and location, from the hybrid cloud to the edge. By combining Red Hat OpenShift and NVIDIA EGX-enabled platforms, customers can better optimize their distributed operations with a consistent, high-performance, container-centric environment.

— Chris Wright, Chief Technology Officer, Red Hat

Foxconn PC production lines are limited by the speed of inspection because it currently requires four seconds to manually inspect each part. Our goal is to increase the throughput of the PC production line by over 40 percent using the NVIDIA EGX platform for real-time intelligent decision-making at the edge. Our model detects and classifies 16 defect types and locations simultaneously using fast neural networks running on NVIDIA GPUs, achieving 98 percent accuracy at a superhuman throughput rate.

— Mark Chien, General Manager, Foxconn D Group

Mellanox Smart NICs and switches provide the ideal I/O connectivity for data access that scale from the edge to hyperscale data centers. The combination of high-performance, low-latency, and accelerated networking provides a new infrastructure tier of computing that is critical to efficiently access and supply the data needed to fuel the next generation of advanced AI solutions on edge platforms such as NVIDIA EGX.

— Michael Kagan, Chief Technology Officer, Mellanox Technologies

Enterprise-Grade Software Stack for the Edge


NVIDIA Edge Stack is an optimized software stack that includes NVIDIA drivers, a CUDA® Kubernetes plug-in, a CUDA Docker container runtime, CUDA-X libraries, and containerized AI frameworks and applications, including NVIDIA TensorRT, TensorRT Inference Server, and DeepStream. NVIDIA Edge Stack is optimized for certified servers and downloadable from the NVIDIA NGC registry.


  • Edge Server
  • Edge Microserver


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