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Workstation Application – AutoCAD 2011 Performance Driver


Software Support: AutoCAD 2011
Release Date: 8/25/2010

NVIDIA provides the latest AutoCAD Performance Driver for Autodesk's AutoCAD 2011 software. Developed in close collaboration with Autodesk, the AutoCAD Performance Driver is a free, downloadable software driver capable of delivering dramatic performance improvements of up to 6X on some tests, when coupled with NVIDIA Quadro® FX professional graphics solutions. The AutoCAD Performance Driver delivers accelerated performance on both OPENGL and DIRECT3D.

It supports OpenGL on Windows XP-32/64bit, Vista-32/64bit, and win7 32/64 bit

Texture and Material Support
The Advanced Material effects option is not currently supported with the NVIDIA AutoCAD Performance Driver. This is highlighted in the Hardware settings (3DconfigManual Tune). With the “nvgl10.hdi” driver, “Advanced Material effects” is not an option. It is also highlighted in the View Tune Log (3DconfigView Tune Log) where Advanced Material effects is listed as not available.

Some new materials with AutoCAD 2011 may not look the same from the standard Autodesk driver, or may not support specific effects created in AutoCAD 2011.

Textures and materials will support all functionality as in AutoCAD 2010.

» (OpenGL) (32-bit version) « (4.1 MB)

» (OpenGL) (64-bit version) « (6.6 MB)

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